Ho-hum! US and Filipino marines staged armored assault maneuvers as part of the joint annual military exercises to build military capacity to defend itself.  In modern warfare, there is no such thing as assault maneuvers anymore.  Better, the Philippine military would have been strengthened if it would be taught how to handle, manage, maintain and use unmanned aircraft or the so called drones.  The casualty is reduced almost to zero and its effect almost considered invincible.


There is news that in the event the Korean crisis escalate; the US might set up a new military base in the Philippines.  When that happens, our country, innocent as we all are on the violent ways of some rogue countries, may be sucked into the maelstrom of conflict and boom!  The next that we would realize is that a nuclear bomb would have exploded already on our soil


People are asking how come some accomplished persons would still wanted to get into politics or wanted to be right in a spot which is considered already an anachronism.  Is it power?  Is it the “gold?”  Is it the influence the position yields?  All of the above?  Whatever, one finds an elderly fellow pushing himself to the limits shouting, singing, dancing and courting votes.  One also finds a successful businessman literally tearing his fortune seeking public office.  The world is indeed becoming weird continuously by the day.


Here we go again.  Heat, in this  summer season, starts to dry up dams in Luzon.  If government has started water traps or water impounding lakes, there will be no floods during the rainy season and no dry dams during drought.  Some government leaders are preoccupied in building their career base, trying to look good with  nice-to-hear mantras.  All for the sake of indulging and pocketing the votes.  Meanwhile, the environment around them is already wasting.  Ants, that lowly insect, is better organized indeed than its human counterpart.


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is in a dilemma as anti-Thatcher songs climb the chart.  The Thatcher mystique quickly faded as soon as the last eulogy has been given.  Those adversely affected by the Thatcher administration were quick to materialize and demonize her historical role.  Thatcher is remembered as a tough British leader who pursued policies that literally alienated traditional economy.  She pushed privatization to the extent that it instigated an economic crisis.


Smuggling could no longer be controlled says a respected businessman.   The impression quickly was confirmed by the private sector.  Billions of pesos that ought to flow into government coffers would vanish in the air at the Customs bureau.  It is already “normal” to smuggle billion dollar worth of items than peachy little ones, because the latter is clamped down, featured in media and would earn kudos for the customs officials.  But suddenly, the big time has been unveiled.  And what is the response of some people in the know?  Instead of running after those who malfunctioned or have been remissed in their duties, there is a proposal to close down and abolish the Bureau of Customs instead!  Hayyyyy.  If this is a scene in the hospital, it is like hearing the doctor saying that since the ailment can not be treated anymore, the patient should be killed already.



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