Dubbed as The Flash, Nonito Donaire succumbed to an accurate barrage of blistering punches exploded by his Cuban opponent.  It was the Olympic approach which the Cuban pugilist uncorked to whip our native champ from Gensan and which eventually snatched the two championship belt of the local hero.  Well, it is a win some, lose some proposition.  Donnaire can still come back and regain lost luster.  The same can be said of Pacquiao.  Once in a while one must fail.  In the same manner that for once, one must also savor victory.  That is what life is is all about in the first place.


If boxers will engage squarely, then it is anybody’s game.  It is never a game of chance.  It is a test on one’s mettle to overwhelm another.  There are a number of tricks not necessarily foul in nature but more on how one could read his opponent’s movements.  This is where his corner’s coaching counts a lot.  Failing to take note his corner’s understanding of the round would prove fatal on a boxer’s winnability.  Losing is never a boxer’s fate; it is more of a flaw from his corner.


The result of the Ombudsman case filed by retired Lt. Col. George Rabusa against a number of military officers is very interesting.  Not so much on the decision itself because it is fairly deliberated, but on the expediency of its completion.   There are a number of cases which has been stranded for years already which has as yet to see the light of resolution but still languishing in some dingy corners waiting for appropriate action.  I know of an instance where an officer has to wait for the outcome if only because his retirement benefits are affected by the pending case.  Rabusa’s case was resolved in two years.  In the case of this retiree, his case is still in the backburner since five years ago.  There lies the mystery.


9 Million Filipinos have second jobs” says the news.  And why not.  The cost of living decently has climbed to a certain height that anyone with one job would not be able to live comfortably, nay, bearably.  It is not only food, shelter and related provision which an ordinary worker must have to reckon with, crime is also to be factored.  To be a victim, requires a number of expenses.  One must have to take a leave and attend to public hearings.  Assuming of course that he has savings to spare.


Palawan mayor charged for nepotism” yelled one newspaper report.  And it is rightly so.  The local executive was penalized administratively for the offense.  But what about those in the political arena?  We have sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, wives running for public office and there are there blared over media, feasted even and their hands raised for the entire world to see.  In the case of the mayor of a remote municipality, he appointed the girl friend of his brother.  It is accordingly nepotism, a no-no.  But at this period for electoral consciousness, we are assaulted on the same principle of nepotism done in the spirit of ignoring brazenly a constitutional prohibition on political dynasty.  What gives?


American movies are every entertaining.  During exploration days at the West, the native and wild Indians were the antagonists.  After World War II, the Germans and the Japs became the target boards.   During the cold war, it is the Russians who were portrayed as villains.  When the US got entangled in the Middle East, the Arabs became the crooks to be neutralized.  And then followed by Aliens from other galactic planets.  Recently, Hollywood came up with another figure to, well disfigure as crook, the Koreans!   Watch “Olympus has Fallen.” What appears as entertainment is a submission that US through its films wants to project that it is the only nation in the world which has a monopoly for decency and respectability.




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