USA has had a monstrous share of depressing incidents for a stretch of time.  One of several instances came about because of foreign hostility; the rest, and most notably, carried by its own homegrown scoundrels.  School rooms, campuses, parking spaces and theaters are not exempted.  There is no spot anymore considered sacred.  Even traditional marathons are within violent range.  Violence is an expression of personal or social preference.  It is bred and sustained in an atmosphere of surfeit; where there is no need for hope because of stability.  Those marginalized are sure to contradict this with their statement, usually a testament of lethal brutality aimed not against a specific target personality but against a wholesome community.  A villainous country we can predict and read its persuasion but never a frenzied mind.


There is a significant difference if violence is carried out in a manner that would express some kind of advocacy, misdirected or otherwise.  If for instance the Boston bombing has some kind of a political agenda, then there is an organized group behind and quickly as the smoke still hovers, a statement is already issued.  Since there is a lapse of days already, and evidence pointed at the crude materials used then this could be a handiwork of someone insanely desperate.  If the bombing carries a social statement, the bomber usually goes up instantly in smoke.  Shades of kamikaze pilots, suicide bombers and monks immolating themselves.  The Boston mayhem points directly to a cruel and malevolent personality.


There are a lot of instructive medium where a crazy and desperate intellect could divine his imagination before it snaps.  We have the internet to give the secrets in devising any explosive material.  And we have a number of Hollywood films detailing even the manner and persuasion to carry out a deadly mission.  These are enough ingredients to inspire and motivate anyone with a score to settle, just or unjust it may be.  A basic understanding of commonly used technology could prove to be an ideal fuse to ignite what may be considered as a demonic undertaking.  In an advanced community where good and bad are blurred by impersonal atmosphere, the stage is set for this new phenomenon on self destruction.  Sometimes, it is fair and wholesome to live in a marginal and rural setting.


The innocuous looking pressure cooker has taken center stage once again.  It is no longer the favorite cooking vessels of homemakers but, of late, the preferred jug of bomb makers!  It has been noted from an intelligence report by FBI and the US Homeland Security Department that pressure-cooker explosives have been used in Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Pakistan.  Accordingly, one of the three devices used in the May 2010 Times Square in New York City attempted bombing was also a pressure cooker.  The handiwork indeed was influenced by terror cells.  The person behind this may have been a disgruntled veteran whose luck ran out and wanted to settle a score to reconcile personal conflicts.  Government should look after the welfare of their retired agents instead of ignoring them.  After all, government taught them all the skills to take down its enemies.


Weird and unexplainable, a phenom even.  This is when one honestly would offer himself in the altar of truth.  Well, in this case it is a she.  I am referring to what has been headlined as the BIR topnotch taxpayer.  Presidential sister, Kris Aquino topped and based on the BIR tally, even has overtaken those considered placers among the ranks of the richest people in the planet.  The phenom part is this.  There are sectors wanting to investigate why this is so.  Accordingly, how come a Kris Aquino landed on the top besting the wealthiest?  When the best is recognized in this country, some people instead of praising would rather go into the mode of suspecting.  Why bash Aquino?  Why pick on her?  Why not force those expected to land at the pinnacle to explain “how come they were not on top.”



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