Mathematics is said to be the language of the universe.  It is precise and it can measure anything.  But in law, sometimes math is never reckoned.  There are cases in Ombudsman where a handful of documents can already send a government worker to planet suspension.  But in the case of Rabusa, the truckloads of documents he submitted as evidence pointing at the crime of plunder never made any dent at all.  There is no objection here anyway as to the decision.   I just hope that this is one yardstick could be applied to all.  There are just too many cases languishing for years on the table awaiting resolution to the detriment of those concerned.  It must signal a mass dismissal of all cases of lesser impact too.


The Supreme Court has entered once again into the picture of controversy.  It has sidelined Comelec several times through its issuances.  One day, the high court would deliver a temporary restraining order (TRO), and in another occasion a status quo ante order (SQAO).  Note that, a TRO, on one hand, may be issued to prevent the implementation of a particular order, directive or action. A TRO is granted to prevent the adversary from acting to frustrate the purpose of the action.  An SQAO, on the other hand,  is issued to preserve the last actual peaceable and uncontested status before the litigation or filing of a petition which means, on this case, as if there is no Comelec resolution to implement yet.  Even the Comelec, a constitutional body, is confused how the high court, in observing the Constitution, would dispense its approach in dealing with electoral matters.

There were even instances when the Court would rule on something which is strictly a Comelec province.  Declaring winners and determining losers are primarily within the ambit of Comelec administrative and quasi judicial power but where the Court would intervene and issue decisions.  In effect, what is projected in this manner is the inability if not the incompetence of an agency in deciding and ruling on what it ought to perform.  Comelec for a time seems to be an anachronistic institution that is neither here nor there.  Government should include in the list of agencies for abolition, not only the Bureau of Customs but also the Comelec.  No need for the Comelec chair to resign, it would be mooted anyway in the process.


The term “hanep” while an expression that approximates urban joy, replacing a mundane term “hayop” also gets into the skin.  Well, literally it really is.  “Hanep” is miniature insect that invades the skin, mostly found in livestock and if at all, it affects man, it manifests in gross skin rupture, damage and imperfection.  Hence, when used by candidates as a bold cry and phrase to indicate their political stand, it could also indicate skin impairment, the inflammatory kind, that could irritate the one infected.  Some candidates are not too sensitive when it comes to their jingle.


While Metro Manila was almost boiling under a record 36.1 degrees Celsius (the warmest so far this year in the country), Metro Davao, on the other hand, was having an afternoon drizzle.  While urban Manila was under threat for heat stroke, rural Mindanao was somewhere near what has been considered as spring in weather beaten countries.  Hence it is a common place as an impression that Mindanao, in terms of climate disposition, is not a regular part of the entire archipelago. 



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