Phil among most gender equal nations.  And why not.  We have had two women presidents in almost quick succession.  Women are strategically appointed in sensitive government posts—like the Department of Justice, Supreme Court, Ombudsman, Commission on Human Rights, etc.  There are also more women —55%— comprising division chiefs in national government, lawmakers and managers.  And there are more women workers in the civilian bureaucracy also.  Sometime ago, a female cadet topped the honor roll at the Philippine Military Academy—once an exclusive academic enclave of male soldiery.  As if it is not enough, the topnotch taxpayer for this year is also a woman!


Two top newspapers in the country have women as editor-in-chief.  It goes without saying that the editor of the bestselling Reader’s Digest is also a domain of women.  Gone were the glory days of male writers.  Even the most successful novelist, J.K. Rowling of the Harry Potter series is a woman.  Rowling is not even a full-fledged literary artist but a housewife, who takes to writing to wean boredom away while waiting for her itinerant husband.


It has been said that gender inequality is most prevalent in developing countries but the Philippines, considered a lower middle income nation, is the only exception.  It has been said that Filipina wives enjoy the power of purse more than their counterparts in other Asian countries.  In most provinces of the country, the cultural profile is more matriarchal.  There are also more women in high skilled occupations.  In an ordinary household, husbands fear most their wives than their enemies!


That probably explains why President Noynoy Aquino would rather remain a bachelor for life, since almost his entire formative years were governed by illustrious and dominant women, his mother, his sisters, his aunts to name a few.  It is only now that he could enjoy his own shadows!  He never had that liberty to be his own man except at this time.


While the world is busy reviewing public safety capability on one hand, and celebrating earth day on the other.  While the world is determining gender issues and human rights considerations.  When religion and ideology seem to revive man’s quest for peace and its violations, there is one move which literally stunned self styled moralists and social purists.  This also, at a time, when Philippine legislators passed the controversial Reproductive Health Bill and contemplating on formulating Divorce.  New Zealand just passed a law on same-sex marriage!


There is a place in Japan where there are more centenarians than in any other place in the planet.  A few days ago, the world’s oldest person turned 116 years old, still hale and healthy.  The woman was also a recipient of a certificate from Guinness World Records confirming her status as the oldest living woman as she celebrated her birthday in a Japanese nursing home.  Her mantra was “to eat light and live long.”  Her favorite meal is partly sea food and farm products in small proportions.  In a study conducted among those whose age has reached 100, the prevailing commonality is on the small amount of food they consume.




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  1. glenda tensuan

    What you eat is what you are…hooray for women all over!


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