election anguish

The prevailing schools of thought about election strategy boil down to organization.  It has been an common place racket before to organize any kind of grouping just so it could present itself to a candidate for purposes using it as block vote—a solid, one-punch vote on election day.  Hence, there were local association of senior citizens, basketball clubs, neighborhood alliance, artists and student guilds, movements of professionals and lately what would materialize as a party list.  All these are meant to carry a singular and exclusive vote in favor of a candidate or a group of candidates—either with a charm for leadership, with the goods to distribute, or with enough courage to sustain an advocacy acceptable to the groups he is courting.


There is the so-called “Iglesia vote”, “Purple vote”, “youth vote”, “farmers vote”, labor vote” and all kinds of vote.  Hundred party list groups have emerged from their cocoon as shadow supporters of major political party and now, has been conferred by the High Court as a legitimate political party which can formally be registered and enter into the fray on the day of election.  While it may to a certain extent blur the distinction of formal and informal representation because some names of party list organization would, at first glance, indicate even a title or potential title of a movie and therefore comical.  Their entry in effect reduces the seriousness of the task of national building, lowering the standard and translating national development into a mockery, from advocacy to hilarity; from earning a niche in history to earning so much all the way to the bank.  Only a handful of candidates deserve the recognition of history but they are gobbled up by a deluge of expensive competition.


And this is nasty, while it can be said that the people are hyped and excited to contribute their voice, there is the threat that the exercise was merely meant as a social cosmetic only.  In some hot spots, winners are known already.  Worst, votes are already prepared waiting for the formality of counting, never mind the real ballots cast by the voters on Election Day.  This is one problem which government must check.  This is one gray area which Comelec must truly determine.  Such flagrant corruption of votes is an insult to the people.  It forms a basis for insurgency not to fold up and sustain their advocacy for a genuine government.  If government cannot safeguard and protect a single vote, then there must be a force willing to defend it.  Power abhors vacuum.  So when government cannot exercise its power, it invites and encourages another to fulfill its obligation on the ground.


Political analysts try to ascertain which approach is most effective in cornering the votes of the people.  Is it through vote-buying?  Is it through voter’s conscience?  Is it through coercion?  Is it through ballot switching?  Is it through voter education?  Ward politics is it?  Good old fashioned marketing then?  We take a leaf from the principle of product sale and exposure therefore.  Is it the rebate condition?  Is it the brand design?  Product or name recall?   Come election time, it is always, different folks, different strokes.  But of course, we have to lump the entire profile of votes into a specific persuasion.  Promises no longer bind votes.  Pledges for a while may be hold one’s attention but it is frail and pathetic.  Endorsement may be helpful but it corresponds to vote procurement knowing that the endorser is paid handsomely in most instances.


This coming election not only are voters in a tailspin in selecting, thousands of candidates are undergoing the anguish also of wishing to get a crack at their aspired posts—to die even or probably in exchange of the devil’s blessings.  Whatever, at the rate of the country’s continued struggle for the elusive prosperity, election time is still pure grief for all.


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