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An early text message I received this morning says:  “ Did u know that a daily serving of 3-4 tbps tomato ketchup lowers d risk of cardiovascular disease?  Black pepper also guards against cancer.  Cinnamon stabilizes blood sugar levels so sprinkle it on cereal or coffee.  Drink a glass of red wine a day can dissolve blood clots that can lead 2 stroke.  Finally, laugh 2 improve blood circulation by 21%.  Pass this on to people u care about.  I just did!  Gud day…”  This is a respite from the regular message I am receiving which is mostly election related.


Davao city’s long reigning chief executive—-Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who is currently running unopposed in the mayoralty,  has taken the road of campaigning for his candidates.  He knew that people should not be allowed to be bought and fooled by enterprising candidates and he knew who these mediocre people running for public office also.  He would rather dictate on his people who are the better and most qualified to occupy public trust.  There is only one approach by which to shepherd his people on the correct path according to his view.  His tact is to announce:  “Vote for these candidates or else….!”  This is the same announcement he would oftentimes emphasize in driving out from his city threats to public safety:  “get out of here or die!”  Something to that effect.  And peace dawned on the de facto capital of Mindanao.


Candidates should temper their campaign speeches.  It should never border on the realm of gossipy or insulting allegations.  Campaign should be limited to issues and ideas only.    This should signal not only maturity but also statesmanship at the same time.  I recalled during the 1998 Presidential election where a number of candidates were vying for the post of Chief Executive, the insults heaped were gross and even obscene and almost vulgar.  One was called a stooge of Martial Law, another was referred to as a mental case, the other a dyed in the wool corrupt traditional politician.  And the rest of the candidates were given foul names and embarrassing affronts.  The electorate took everything as fact and voted accordingly.  After the political exercise, the integrity and reputation of the candidates, all well-mannered and decent professionals, were frayed and tattered.  The world looked at Philippine society as one place that should never be taken seriously.  Filipinos, as a consequence, lost their face.


On the Dacer-Corbito case where accused Ceasar Mancao and with several police operatives were implicated and charged for Murder, there are a number of angles presented.  The victim was Dacer, who was a high profile publicist and PR practitioner.  The enemies of his principals may have been suspect in planning for his extermination.  Or probably his competitors, etc.  But it has been established that the PAOC-TF was behind the abduction and eventually the death of victims directly pointed at their operation.  Charges and counter charges have been filed.  The case subsequently turned into a crime where individuals and not an organized group committed the offense.  Suddenly, the twists and turns in the judicial appreciation of the case led to situations where a group of involved and disinterested parties were at the vortex of the criminal act.  The case has dragged for years already and has seen better resolutions.  It has besmirched the reputation of some innocent people also and frustrated a lot more especially the family of the victims.  It will not be surprising if at the end of the case, the one liable is the Car Shop which built the vehicle that the victims used or possibly the storekeeper, the one manning the establishment where the lighter used in burning the victims came from!



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