prison internet

Forget the deficiencies in the arsenal of prison administration to monitor the prisoners.  There is nothing unfortunate neither crooked nor irregular in prison work.  We can even presume that the entire prison management system is adept and competent in handling correctional affairs.  YET, how come it has been said that prisoners can still conduct nefarious syndicated activities outside even if they are safely tucked inside the prison facility.


Don’t look now.  But it is not the smuggled cellphone, which is the culprit; nor the trafficked computer gadget with Internet connections.  If at all used clandestinely, these are merely a simple medium to check on their family and loved ones.  It is purely personal and nothing criminal.  It is neither the prison personnel as the usual suspect nor the assiduous prison volunteer who link  and facilitate the prisoner to his external organizations.  The real connection is the visitor.  In some notable  prison settings in other countries, visitation is highly guarded and monitored.  In most facilities in Europe, visitation is even censored.  The reason behind this restriction is to prevent the prisoner from conducting his nefarious, unlawful activities through a surrogate.  Or, to discourage an instance where a prisoner is forced if not induced to commit a crime through a proxy. In Philippine prisons, visitation is exceedingly tolerated to the point of allowing visitors even to stay-in for a day on a regular basis.


It is no longer amazing to note that illegal drug transactions and even syndicated gun for hire dealings (including high profile heists) are planned within prison walls and through visitation, methodically discussed and its operations, almost scientifically and secretly conducted.


The easiest and the laziest assumptions for any prison inspired violations are to be blamed entirely on the lowly prison personnel.  One need not exert any thinking effort.  It is as simple as adding one plus one.  Prison gangs operate using the same formula to deflect authorities also in pursuing their criminal network.  Like in the bigger society, the people are always to be blamed, especially the multitude of the population, the great masses, the unwashed, the poor sector.  They could not defend themselves and worst, would accept their fate as instantly as their destiny.  Prison as a microcosm of society pulsates according to the same wave.  The least among them, the majority actually, are the ones suffering.  In the same manner, the lowest in the pecking order of the organization, the prison guards, are the ones accused and suspected for any disturbance.


In another sphere, the only difference, a stark one if you may, between the free community and the prison community is the potential of its denizens.  Unlike in the free community where there is a problem of unemployment as a consequence of unskilled labor, prisoners on the other hand are mostly semi skilled and employed before they are imprisoned.  There are 60 occupational groupings which prisoners may be lumped into.  There are physicians, priests, lawyers, governors, congressmen, actors, artists, businessmen, drug lords, gambling lords, warlords, etc.  Name it, most likely the prison has it.  And they are tightly knitted within a space almost unbearable to stretch out.



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