Something is remiss.  Something is incomprehensible somewhere.  In the case of former Police officer Ceasar Mancao who is under the DOJ Witness Protection Program (WPP), there is an awkward situation obtaining.  When a person is under WPP, one will never know exactly where the subject is residing or staying. In Mancao’s case, everyone knows where he is and of all places, he is even under detention!


It turns out  however that Mancao requested to be placed under custody of NBI since according to him, the WPP facilities do not suit his security requirements.  In that case, Mancao can really leave NBI premises as he pleased and to his peril.  There is no such thing as escaping from your protectors if one is really crazy to challenge the gods of threats.  It’s a pity that by leaving the NBI facility some security personnel would be sacked.  Mancao is under WPP and therefore technically a government asset.  He is never a detainee in the first place.  NBI should never feel embarrassed because the agency was never meant as a substitute witness hospice.


I am not exactly a follower of the infamous circumstance, the Dacer-Corbito case, because it has been there for ages already.  And why not.  The storied case does not even have any pretense of an ending.  As it were, it cannot even be appreciated as suspense, a thriller, a tragedy or something that depicts horror.  In the unfolding of the succeeding chapters however, the story is even threatening to become a comedy!


And indeed, it adds unto a series of comic incidents starting with a cat-and-mouse trail, or much like the TV Cable Cartoon Network bestseller, Tom and Jerry, where a wily mice (Jerry) is constantly chased by an assiduous cat (Tom).  The route towards catching up or grabbing the prey makes a very amusing and funny affair.  In our judicial setting, there are several “Jerry”, starting with former Governor Reyes and his brother, followed by former Congressman Ecleo, businessman Lee, former Army man Palparan.  And now, former Police officer Mancao, that is, if he has been arraigned.  The whole exercise much as it projects some kind of hilarity is becoming lousy because it is not only a smack on the judicial-law enforcement system; it is grossly expensive and has become a common place.


In the penal setting, escapes do happen also.  (Much like the hospital situation where deaths cannot be avoided too.)  But in penal establishments,  the rate of recovery is high.  While such transgression like absconding is committed, it is almost suicidal.  For how would you appreciate an instance where an inmate who is about to be released would still “fly the cookoo’s nest?”  For sure, escaping from the prison camp is purely an emotional concern and not necessarily to evade penalty anymore.  It is not a consequence of institutional negligence nor ineptness of personnel, it is more of frustration carried to a marked degree.  When a prisoner escapes, the affected officer would only proceed to the address of the next of kin and voila! The escapee is bagged with slight poignant resistance.


Escaping or eluding captors differ in perspective.  For those serving time, escape is an emotional affair.  For those who do not want to be detained, escape is challenging the system.  Looking up close on those celebrity fugitives who never want to be detained and has chosen flight instead indicate their familiarity with the system they have been immersed—one came from the Military, two are from Local Government, the other one from the Legislature, another from the Business Sector and recently, the other from Law Enforcement.  They are representative of Government if not society by itself!  They have been a part of the system believing that they should never be under its spell, knowing fully well that they used to call the shots and never would expect to be shot at.  It is a lurid case of having your cake and eating it too.




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  1. youre a good writer,keep it up


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