drug menace

It has been said that a gram of shabu makes a common man stable in the face of hunger, steady while engrossed in work, concentrated and focused.  It is like aspirin to  a headache.  But if shabu is taken during a feat of desperation, during a period of depression, during a lull in one’s emotion, then it becomes fodder to a criminal cannon.  It emboldens the coward, inspires the dull, deadens the senses and destroys the mind after it devastates the body.


Yet this synthetic and relatively cheaper drug, formulated from expensive cocaine and referred to as poor-man’s stuff, is a contraband in the priority list of items to be confiscated on the spot in the prison facility.  Those in possession are also immediately charged for an offense in violation of Anti Illegal Drugs Law.  It is ironic however that prisoners wished and pray for that day when they will rejoin their family in the free community and yet some of them transact and consume the contraband especially drugs to the detriment of their health and security condition.


Drug addicts when incarcerated are almost in their dying state.  The siren call of rehab in prison no longer rings a hopeful sound for them.  They simply transform into zombies serving aimlessly without any thought for optimism.  They simply want to end everything.  What is however unfortunate for this kind of outlook is their intensity to end life with recklessness and abandon, destroying not only their future but also those along the path where they intend to pass through.


Since hopelessness is more pronounced than hopefulness in a prison facility because of its physical structure and disciplinary climate, any substance that could temporarily paralyze the mind is a potent item desired for consumption.  For quite a time, tattooing, which is a painful procedure inflicted on the body to dampen emotional pain was resorted to until technology and approaches making it more itching rather than burning in its sensation.  Intoxicating substances became its replacement.—-even rubbing alcohol as a drinking medium tried!  The bulky substances never made it in gates until the almost invisible gram size drug became a fad.


There are several ways by which the tiny substance can be smuggled.  Through cavities of the visitor’s body, through hems of clothing, through canned goods, through sealed letters/ documents, etc.  The list is endless.  The miniscule poison gets through even with the most sophisticated searching device employed.  The only way it could be busted is when somebody rats on the goods.  The depressive environment of a prison facility finds a compatible deadly mate in the form of shabu.  The complainants, the victims of the imprisoned offenders must be satisfied with this development.  While they wished that they had the courage to pull the trigger to exterminate their predators, the latter is left committing karmic suicide all by themselves.


Prison administration can only do so much to enhance the future potential of their wards.  Programs intended to promote prison welfare are there.  Professionalism among personnel, while challenged regularly by prison infraction, is never detracted at all.  It is constant and as certain as their payroll and benefits.  What divides the success in implementing the mandate of corrections lays mainly not on the mindset of the organization but more on how the prison community deals with a self imposed curse it has inflicted on itself.




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