post election

Generally speaking, Filipinos vote not necessarily to be bailed out from their common economic and political predicament but as it is shown, more to be entertained and to express sympathy.  Filipinos love the underdog, the straggler.  They wanted to be entertained more than to be governed.  They relish in promises and they hungered and thirsted for amusement.  That explains why people in the field of arts or theaters are elected to public office more than their serious counterparts.


Of course, Filipinos rely more on brand names.  They buy clothes and other items because of the brand.  They would even re-invent brands to be competitive—like Parejo for Pajero, Avenidas for Adidas, Brod Pete for Brad Pitt, etc.  In politics, brand appellation comes in the form of familiar names.  It never fails.  Look at the result of every election outcomes—-surnames are similar to those who had previously been elected except for the first name.


Filipinos have resigned their fate.  They are wont on complaining and would rather pout than shout.  Sometime they are on top and at times down below.  Everything is relied on chance never on design.  Hence, they gamble.  Collective life is a game of chance.  Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win.  Luck is preferred than to struggle.  Those who persisted are goners, relegated to plazas as monuments.  Those who remained are the stragglers, the survivors, the fence sitters.  They predominate the landscape of society.  They would rather be entertained than distracted.


After the prisoners have voted, they were asked what their hopes are for those they elected.  Their response almost in unison is “we have done our job, it’s their turn naman (sic).”  Are they happy that they have exercised their right of suffrage?  For them, it’s “nothing’s changed.”  Asked what their message to those who were elected, and they quipped, “they better do their job properly or spend their time here in prison as our errands!”


Finally, the people has spoken.  It is a jubilant affair for the winners and a reflective period to those who never made it.  The point is for everyone to forget the pains or for those who were catapulted, not to bask in the limelight but to go back for work.  Leadership or conferment thereof is a serious business.



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