election winners

The previous election is proof that indeed the electorate preferred scions over lions.  Grace Poe is daughter of Action King Fernando Poe.  JV Estrada is son of matinee idol now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada.  Sonny Angara is son of illustrious and academe favorite Edgardo Angara.  Chiz Escudero is son of former Agriculture Chief Sonny Escudero.  Bam Aquino son of President Aquino’s uncle, Paul and look alike of famous uncle, hero Ninoy Aquino.  Nancy Binay is daughter of Vice President Jejomar Binay.  Allan Peter Cayetano is son of an illustrious senator Renato Cayetano.  Koko Pimentel is son of former senator Aquilino Pimentel.  So on and so forth.


So what else is new?  We have bequeathed our legislative future to familiar, popular and easily recalled personalities.  We wanted change but we delight on the other hand by resisting change.  We want our cake and we want to eat it too.  We want to progress but we do not want experiment.  We want to be prosperous but we abhor hard work.  That is fine.  That means that we aspire to be successful but all that we wanted is to be pretentious.  That simply means we are as a collective very conventional and conservative.  We are only trying to be Filipinos in the real sense.  There is nothing wrong with it.  It is our very own culture.  We hate poverty but we are contented with it.


There is nothing wrong electing a set of leaders.  What is wrong is never to elect at all.  It is like loving.  It has been said that it is better to love than not to love at all.  Whoever is elected reflected the will of the majority.  It should be respected at all times.  Whoever they are, whether some would claim that majority of the people are to be shunned, it is a derogatory and an insulting presumption.  The electoral process, the choices, the limitations may not fit an ideal setting but imperfections included, it is the most that a country can hope for.


After the house has been divided, there should be a disciplined acceptance.  The people must rally behind and support those elected. They should be followed and adhered as leaders.  That is what political maturity means.


Reaction:  “The automatic electoral system it said violates human rights because it removes the right of voters in favor of machines. It is a substitution that cannot be defended because the secrecy of computers and its programming is incompatible with the public nature of elections.’ Says Star columnist Carmen Pedrosa.  What is advocated here is that we disregard technology?  How can we count properly votes in the millions without using calculators—just because it is a counting machine and therefore should never be replacing manual counting?  It is inconceivable on the other hand if we revert back to counting raised hands.  Let technology perform complex tasks.  Let us just be experts in using it in the most objective and professional way.



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