Filipinos would oftentimes ask a person they came to like in this manner:  Who are your parents?  What are they doing for a living?  Where do you live?  In what school did you graduate?  In our culture, the status of the parents is very significant for social mobilization.  You have a fledging, struggling parents?  You must crawl and push a lot harder to be made.  Your parents are accomplished, influential and popular?  You are already there.  But in a popular exercise sometimes there is an exception.


The most intriguing fact that manifested through the results of the final tally is the Honasan mystique.  He occupied the last slot in the final senatorial list or those who succeeded to get into the so called magic 12.  And it was no mean feat.  While Honasan may not be aware of it, including the electorate, what was proven is that a candidate can edge better candidates, better advertised, better campaigned, with better credentials, more popular, more preferred, more sought after.  Imagine a Honasan beating to a draw the likes of a Dick Gordon, Migz Zubiri, Jack Enrile, Ramon Magsaysay, Rita Hontiveros, Ed Hagedorn, Joel Villanueva, Ricardo Penson, Tingting Conjuanco….etc.  all of them high caliber and worthy candidates.  Not that Honasan is a tyro, a newbie, a beginner although he is not, like that of Bam Aquino and Nancy Binay (their bloodline makes it happen), but he succeeded where everyone down the line failed to catch up.  What made the win amazing is the fact that he belonged to the opposing camp.  His ascension into the political firmament is a perfect subject for a case study.


Those who never made it never lost at all.  They will serve as a yardstick, that standard on which the performance of winners will be gauged.  Their turn will eventually and definitely be clearer the next time around.  From their benchmarks will rise the new criterions or touchstones on which administration will be appreciated.


Amidst a deluge of flyers, tarps, posters the future lays buried beneath a cacophony of assurances and promises.  It is hoped that those who made it should also consider those assertions bannered during the electoral campaign.  Ms. Conjuanco’s legislative agenda when elected would review and formulate prison standards.  Mr. Enrile’s food-on-every-table guarantee is worth legislating.  Mr. Penson’s anti political dynasty posture, while it has been successfully observed in some provinces, is worth digging into by Congress.  So on and so forth.


Note:  We have come full circle in challenging the so-called “Chinese line”.  First, our law enforcement agency fumbled in a hostage drama that caused the untimely deaths of several Chinese tourists from Hongkong in Luneta.  And then we challenged the Chinese poachers in Kalayaan island strips, which pushed us on the brink of war against the Peoples Republic of China.  Thereafter, our coast guard shot an unarmed Chinese vessel from Taiwan on territorial waters as yet to be agreed upon.  And lastly, in accidental feat, Chinese stalls in Divisoria were gutted down my local flames.


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