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Whether we like it or not, we are a matriarchal society.  We are like Lebanon.  Sweden, Norway and Denmark, the birthplace of warriors, Vikings, reckon their women as their leaders too.  The woman under a matriarchal system is not only holding the purse, she is also the gatekeeper, watcher, supervisor, administrator of her family.  In other words, she is In-charge.  The discipline of running a family is akin to running a business establishment, overseeing a neighborhood or even managing government.  She maintains everything.


Sometime past, Filipinos had deep social link with Muslim culture.  As a matter of fact, their forefathers were high on Islamic belief.  Even the concept of neighborhood dynamics such as barangay, is patriarchal through and through like Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.  But somewhere along the line, in between reckoning invading cultures, the country slowly veered away from the highly patriarchal influence into the matriarchal approach.  In the Philippines, the woman is the most revered symbol of social salvation.  This change is partly, if not largely, a consequence of its Christian orientation.  At best, the Marian spiritual component grabbed much of Filipino faith.  Hence, their predisposition for women leadership.


The Filipino’s love affair with his woman transcends earthly politics.  They venerate the wife of their leader—the First Lady.  She is reckoned more than her partner.  Respect for her presence is enduring more than the authority of her husband.  Her intuition guides her spouse’s vision.  Disregarding her counsel at times would prove fatal.  In the Philippine setting therefore, a woman leader is more preferred in practice.


Cory Aquino, a reluctant leader, when she was shoved into national consciousness and became President, became not only an icon of hope but also a symbol of democratic governance.  She restored a fledging country on the brink of collapse into a model from whence all countries besieged with autocratic mismanagement followed their deliverance.  The Philippines was no longer the same after her ascension.  Then came another woman leader, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.  She had flaws as a consequence of her controversial husband but she steered successfully the country to accomplish certain economic merits.


The leadership, accidental as it were, of President Noynoy Aquino could have been made possible because of the untimely death of his iconic mother, the almost saintly Cory.  He won because of the collective respect for his mother.  Forward looking, the country would be in a bind if there is no woman leader or woman inspired leader would be in sight.  Such confusion can already be felt in the forthcoming 2016 election when once again, the people will have to choose who their next leader would be.  It is either VP Binay or DOTC Secretary Roxas, assuming that the political configuration will not change.  This early however, such arrangement would change.  The election of Grace Poe as she ascends the top post would have a chilling effect on the known protagonists.  And knowing how Filipinos choose their leader, it is almost a fait accompli.


Her Excellency, Grace Poe.  Hmmmm.  Sounds good.


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