Tom Clancy, a bestselling author of military exploits, wrote a novel, which easily became a hit film “Act of Valor.”  It began with a catchy quote “You stop to live if you cease to become dangerous.”  For a movie to catch goers without any known actors and actresses and be watched and gained a following, much like a classic is something.  Aside from the fact that the protagonists’ were not only featured as vicious soldiers, the film likewise projected the serious and sensitive part of their basic role in their families.  They comprise the cream of the military establishment.  They are dispatched to dispose the enemy and in the process, are exposed to be disposed too in an instant.  The only difference for their survival is knowledge and training.  They are the elite forces of the USA, the so-called Delta Force.


In the present leadership of USA, under the Obama administration, this special unit has been given the weight of fulfilling what for decades has been a role assigned to the common military conscript, the ordinary soldiers, the cogs, numerous of them to impress and sow fear.  This unit is not assigned to invade or take over, not to occupy and reign high over a defeated territory as tradition had it.  The unit is there mainly to destroy the will of the enemy, daunting the challenge and however impossible it may be.  While an entire army can fight for years to prove their point (and lose like what happened to USA in Vietnam),  a handful of trained soldiers are brought into the scene and expectedly, in a matter of days conclude their mission with success—taking down the brains of the enemy.


It took years to neutralize an enemy whose face is buried among the masses.  At times, it takes a generation to discover the real identity of sworn enemies.  There was even an embarrassing situation, like the Jack the Ripper case in London, where the sinister murderer is still unknown at present notwithstanding the advances of forensic science.  Now, the process of dealing with nemeses could be dealt with in a jiffy.  Osama Bin Laden for all his exploits and sophisticated manner of hiding was instantly extracted and taken down by the US Special Forces.  The same is true with Iraq’s erratic Saddam Hussein and a number of trouble spots.


The world of warfare has been drastically changed and almost went through a circle.  And western military thinkers have tapped the vast reservoir of ideas from their eastern or oriental counterparts.  In ancient Japan, landlords retain the services of highly skilled martial artists, the ninja, to fulfill delicate and hazardous tasks.  Although these were mainly limited to revenge, the approach had been pushed to include almost any endeavor from espionage to occupation.  In India there was a brotherhood of assassins pitted against a known enemy and in Portugal they were even maintained by a shadowy group called Templars.  In recent contemporary times, Israel has the Mossad, the Russians have the KGB and in the Middle East, the Taliban.  Not necessarily in this formal order.


At the rate we are confronted with conflicts in the Asian region, it pays to review what we got.  In the Philippine setting, there was a group before that specializes on dealing with warfare.  For in the insurgents, there was the Sparrow Unit.  For the establishment, there was the MISG.  Now, they are merely a part of history at times just a footnote, although they were game changers.  To date, there are no more shades of this group.  What we have at present are the phenomenal mercenary called “riding-in-tamdem.”  However, there are no known approaches on how to drop this unit behind enemy lines.


It will not take long when our security forces will also be able to use sophisticated drones to watch over enemy lines, but in the meantime, we must have to perfect our way of flying “boka-boka!”


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