The latest novel, the third of a series, of Dan Brown’s symbologist character Robert Langdon is out.  Its title is “Inferno.”  It is one of the books readers wanted to chew down.  And why not.  Brown’s fiction is almost presented in a non-fiction manner.  His two previous opus “Da Vinci Code’ and “Angels and Demons” were awesome as it captured much attention and garnered praise even from the conservative academe.


His latest flick “Inferno”, a term he borrowed from Dante Allegheri’s classic  “Divine Comedy” ,likewise earned not only raised brows but controversial allusions too.  In the novel, the gates of hell was a picturesque description of Manila , as the foremost location and those that inhabit, the local denizens.  Quite smart.


Dan Brown is a very conservative man and it is indicated on the characters and subjects of his novel.  In his latest novel “Inferno” he wrote that the gates of hell is Manila.  For him anything, in his estimation, where there is fun, it must be in the netherworld.  Anyone can describe this place according how he sees it fit.  Using the parameter of Dante’s Hell, it should feature enigmatic negativism, which is universal like poverty, pain, torment, anguish, struggle, but these should be embraced in a place where contentment, resignation and understanding reign as if it is celebrated and even declared as amusing.  There is no place indeed in the planet where pain is accepted as truth and wisdom understood as fate than in Manila.  If indeed Manila is such a place, then by gum!  Everybody wants to be there!  Thanks Mr. Brown!


Hell, fire and brimstones, these are the threats that early invaders using the Cross would intimidate the tribal folks until the latter would relent and succumb towards conversion.  As a consequence, they become malleable populace which the conquering Spaniards could impose social control.  This is the same pattern which latter day cults would apply and in the process would regain their prosperity and luxurious gains.  This, at the expense of the gullible people.


But why did Dan Brown specified Manila and not Pattaya of Thailand, or the ghettoes of USA, the slum of Kenya, the dungeons of Mexico?  This is because in Manila there is tolerance of grief and agony over discomfort.  And the denizens would treat each other lightly, entertainingly and with hilarity to boot.  In Africa, the poor are sullen, in Cambodia the lowly are gloomy, in India the desolate shantytown is miserable.  But in Manila, the poor are relaxed.  Not that Manilans are completely submissive and docile, not that they have forgotten to argue and push themselves to improve their conditions but they are absolutely buoyant that life is worth the struggle, worth the brawl, worth the fight.  Manilans therefore have remained cool in the boiling cauldron of poverty.  Hell is therefore no match for this attribute; hence the hellish intensity is stranded merely at the gates.


In the gates of Hell, Hades is nowhere.


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