jail inmates

Why do we operate jails that are already filled to the brim with little budgetary provision and deficiently maintained unable to fulfill the mandate of safekeeping when we do not have enough resources to sustain its upkeep?  Why not send the accused—those charged with capital offense—to prisons where its space can humanely accommodate, if only fleetingly but better than the pathetic jails, while awaiting judgment from the courts?


Our prisons are congested, true but it has vast penal reservation from where additional facilities can be constructed.  Jails on the other hand have little space, a limited area on which to build additional accommodations even if it wanted to expand further for its growing population.  We cannot even compel the judiciary to immediately decide on criminal cases so what happens is that those charged, specially those who cannot post bail or whose cases are unbailable must have to squeeze themselves in makeshift structures we refer to as lockups.  And die or live with recurring nightmares of cruelty.


The consequence of pressing people into a small contraption has deleterious effect on their humanity.  Worst, their humanity is lost and in turn, they are initiated further to a life of hostility.  If at all they survive the filth, the disorder and obscenity, they are mostly like to evolve into persons without compunction, without conscience and without values.


Behind every gruesome crime, every heinous offense, every horrible wrongdoing is a person who underwent a period of jail detention.  Check those jam-packed and choking local confinement facilities and those who went through it; and, then verify those who are charged of odious crimes.  Most likely one would discover the complimentary nature of its lethal combination.  We continue ignoring the conditions of these jails, we directly accept our fate as potential victims of this breed of offenders later.


Before, when we hear that someone was robbed, it was already a sensational deviation.  Now, such offense barely gets into the limelight.  Crimes today are different from those committed before.  We oftentimes hear of someone not only being robbed but slaughtered at the same time after a period of prolonged torture.   This is a consequence where an offender is mixed with and unsegregated in swarming holding cells.  They unwittingly exchange false values and learn the criminal trade in one sitting in an inhumanly crowded situation.  A period under this condition is enough to ignite the evolution of a serial offender immersed in wickedness and waiting for an opportunity to spread hell.


Let us forget ourselves for our inaction but just think of our children.  They will be exposed to real danger because of our indecisiveness.  Calling on all our leaders in the criminal justice administration.  It is your turn to do something for your children’s sake.


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