First Missile-Firing Warship for PHL Navy Due to Arrive” says a banner headline.  It would surely complement our base troops.  It is in line with enlisting more soldiery for purposes of defense.  Against who?  Probably, against fully advanced military establishments in the region where such warships are already obsolete and even considered as junk toys.  Why spend on such gadgets when we can borrow how the mightiest country in the world has re-invented its military science from using wholesale mass warfare to just employing a handful of trained Special Forces?


For purposes of impression, such procurement could make a day.  But it will never win anything, well, except for the winning supplier.  We need a highly trained, hand picked and an elite cluster of soldier-warriors to be sent to conflict ridden areas to win the war for us.  In US, they dropped sending troops to tame belligerent countries in the Middle East.  They merely sent drones, unmanned aircrafts, to bomb their enemies away.  For sensitive missions, instead of sending the entire barracks of newly minted soldiers, they airlift and send down to target areas their special forces instead.


This is the kind of military exercise that Filipinos can find its competency.  We have skilled and knowledgeable soldiers, a select group, to organize into a “Delta” force or into the famous “Green Berets.”  No need to maintain a wholesale army for that matter unless what we intend to do is conduct warfare a la “pardegana”, or winning through the use of an overwhelming number of troops or by attrition.  Such strategy has long been declared as outmoded in the annals of combat.


Sometimes, there is bit ironical in the way we view things relative to conflict.  In Philippine movies, while it is more fiction and in a way so surreal, it is actually a picture perfect scene for an ideal approach.    There is FPJ who in a span of his serial film career about World War II, all by himself, has taken down the whole Japanese Imperial Army, well, alone.  Joseph Estrada on his part has massacred an entire town of thugs with his fistic powers, again all by himself.  Lito Lapid meanwhile on his cowboy regalia has wiped out an entire army of villains, shooting every one in between the eyes while jumping acrobatically on his horse, again alone by himself.  This of course is the movie.  But there is something similar when viewed in the prism of military history.


We can take a leaf from the way Israel conducts its warfare.  It has a relatively few standing troops but they rely more on the firepower of their technologically skilled and competent commandoes.  The way they sent their highly trained combat team in such emergency situation is worth studying.  In minutes, they can instantly resolve problems like the precision rescue in Entebbe airport in Uganda.  That has become one of the greatest and most daring rescue in modern history.  And there was this impressive attack by commandoes in resolving the infamous Munich hostage situation.  There are several models we can adopt and we might as well add how the Obama administration addressed the pestering Osama Bin Laden issue.  Bin Laden successfully eluded the entire armed might of the numerically (and technologically) superior US and UN forces for years only to be taken down  by a handful of US commandoes in a spit of time.


In the final analysis, it is how a country organizes its special forces that make the difference.



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