The latest victim of the so-called gay controversy claimed the caricature strip space of satirist cum cartoonist Pol Medina in the Daily Inquirer.  In said strip, Pol sarcastically portrayed an exclusive religious school as breeding ground for lesbianism.  It could have been one of those regular lampoons that parodies daily inconsequential lives but there was a twist.  The religious school wanted to file a case against the artist and the newspaper where the strip appeared.  The newspaper chastised its illustrator, the latter resigned, the strip, a well-followed one, evaporated.  All’s well, it ended.


Except that a controversy, following the incident, began to surface.  Artists were slighted.  Liberal thinkers and media practitioners were offended.  While there is relative democracy preserved, there is some obstacles when it comes to art.  Truth according to them was sacrificed in favor of business.  A columnist wisely opined that the school was not bothered at the insinuation but rather was alarmed that enrollment might dwindle.  Not so much because the artwork disturbed the faith but because it might affect the flow of revenue because of it.  For these religious schools, their principles are more sustained by income more than their beliefs.


The issue of lesbianism has been the talk of the town with the declaration of Charice Pempenco as “tibo.”  Aiza Seguera, tinseltown’s celebrated child actress never eluded the charge.  Most of those in the entertainment industry would even brag about their skeleton in their closets.  Remove them from the industry and the whole TV industry would collapse.  The same is true in arts.  Dismiss the genius of  Leonardo Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Lino Brocka, Ellen de Generes, Elton John, etc. and we are back to stone age.  But that is begging for understanding and not discussing the real issues.


There are of course abuses from the ranks of (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgendered)  LBGTs.  We have heard how a certain gay entertainer bashed his own kind in a concert tastelessly.  We have heard how a gay broadcaster lambasted a fellow entertainer.  They were always at the forefront of controversy, sometimes as critics, writers, journalists.  They would surely waste time to clean dirty linens in public.  There are no inhibitions on the way they would pursue their thoughts whether it makes them good or bad.  They are even more courageous than their “normal” counterpart.  And they are not even afraid to be castigated.  Time has changed.


In women’s prisons, they are more subdued and quite gentle.  They are more circumspect and they act with maturity.  They easily become leaders and front-runners.  They may only be a few but it is their masculinity that carries the day.  While there are stories, reports even, that there are molestations and abuses; they serve more as countervailing force rather than purveyors of exploitations.  They stabilize prisons more than upset the communal setting.  They maintain a certain degree of balance in a world where relationship is a forced homogenous one.


Whatever.  LBGTs in our midst have come a long way; from a secretly conveyed orientation to an open one.  There were unisex fashion before and to date, the merging even of orientation.  Time will come when there will be no difference at all.  After all, everyone is within the universe called humanity.



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