June 12 was a declared non-working holiday and Pinoys would go out, enjoy the malls and yes, with some savings to splurge, proceed to the movie house.  And yes, on the silver screen is the most awaited sequel of the film Superman.  Says the news “Superman flew off to a blockbuster start as “Man of Steel” surpassed the industry’s all-time opening day record of a nationwide gross of a monumental P69.52-M.”  The ordinary folks, the students in civvies, the workers in their casuals trooped to see how a folk hero saves the world, even if it is just make-believe.


I could however watch from a distance.  The line was long.  In my mind, I will just have to watch the movie later assuming of course if I could not get a clear copy from good old pirated dvds.  Meantime, I merely browsed through the entertainment column, checking on movie reviews.  A column about the film caught my attention.  Accordingly, the writer was a bit dumb founded after seeing the movie and failing to take note how come the title was “Man of Steel” where there was nothing metallic in the script, not even an implied mention about anyone who is a man of steel.  What was there is the protagonist, brooding all over, fighting every conceivable conflict, with a Kevlar outfit which is nowhere blue and more black, with flowing cape which is neither red or shaded pink but maroon.  The color is even darkened to indicate the superhero not as an exacting crime buster but a gloomy character battling his own personal devils.  A superhero fitted with human qualities, enveloped with human frailties and weaknesses.


It could have been a reinvented version of a hero with supernatural powers but could not express it in a humane way.  I intend to check it myself and come up with my own critique if only to be “in.”  The world really needs this kind of break, this kind of beings to secure sanity in a situation where climate change, political violence and heinous crimes is altering even the most stable condition in an unstable planet.


After the movie, the superhero lives for another day, for another sequel perhaps and the moviegoer goes back home contented that the world would never end because of heroism, the superior one, and the magnificent kind.  In politics, the one elected to the highest post is seen as a superhero.  If he accomplishes a greater feat, then he is a superhero for the day.  For a time, the masses embraced iconic Erap Estrada, made him President and later, elected as Manila Mayor.  PNoy’s honesty is even equated, as an attribute only a superhero possesses.  And there was former Senate President, JPE, holding the gavel, presiding over an impeachment case and whose legal demeanor was brilliant to the point of being considered extra-terrestrially great.


In the Philippines, the MAN OF STEEL is everywhere.  As a matter of fact, you can even bump him off if your attention is nowhere.  In every bend, in every barangay, in every town, just across your neighborhood store, he is there.  He is not the Superman though in the latest movie, he is your regular guy, the “MAGBABAKAL!”




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