Like any true blue Filipino whose cake belongs to the basketball court, I spend a great deal of time transfixed in cable TV for the latest caper in NBA.  It is a world by itself.  It is a complete universe when athleticism and precision, where strength and strategy, where science and art, where fate and faith dictates every turn of the playoffs; much more so, in every quarter of the game.    Here is where speed and sudden stop, where intelligence and common sense are merged in an instant.    Here also is where you will be aware of what hamstring and torn ligaments are all about.


The mantra of individual play is submerged in the capacity of players to act as a team.  Sometimes teamwork is necessary, at some other time, it is individual brilliancy.  Luck is always courted.  This is one sport, which accumulates all the virtues mankind has in abundance including demeanor in winning and posture during a loss.


The ball clubs gunning for the top post represents the latest confrontation between two opposite attributes.  The loud Heat versus the silent Spurs.  The star studded Miami versus the star struck San Antonio.   The well featured Miami Big Three versus the humble San Antonio Big Three.  Whenever the Heat wins, the world receives a deafening confirmation of their might.  Whenever the Spurs edges, the world is convinced on the virtue of simplicity.


Every game in the Finals is no longer “Win or Lose” or a “Win or Go Home” proposition.  Neither it is a resolute activity only limited to the highly skilled and motivated.  10 persons running after a ball, struggling to shoot or dunk it but it is the movement rather than how it behaves towards the hoop that matters.  The watcher, the kibitzer, the partisan audience is the winner.  Every game is an experience.  Here is where the players are counted, how they weave within a time frame, within a rectangular field with various shades in the paint.  The limits are nothing for their unlimited methods.  For those who grew up rooting for Jaworski, for Webb, for Paner, for Florencio, for Mariano, for Adornado, NBA is almost its replicate version.   Gone were the better players, replaced by pampered hoopsters.  But in NBA, the discipline is still there, the magic, the styles, the magnificence of the sport is almost a permanent fixture.


One day I was convinced that Miami had the jewels.  Another day, it is San Antonio.  I love the litheness of Miami but I appreciate also the audacity of San Antonio.  Both have DNA for championship, both are made for greatness.  In the Finals however, only one must triumph.  Whether its Miami or San Antonio, for some, nobody cares at all.  Although others, to a certain extent, would gamble and expose their resources to the elements.  At the start, Miami is the preferred, the expected champion.  Wise money, initially, goes to them.  But as the team collides and proof of tenacity is poured, wise money goes on either direction already.  For sure, this is not the same in the political field where LP engages UNA for the coveted crown.  The NBA Finals is between heavyweights.  In politics, only the lightweights are brought in.  They who wanted to gain more for sheer promises.  In basketball, actions speak clearly.  In politics, it is more on the act of speaking.


For sure, any NBA game forestalls the tastelessness of everyday politics.  It enlivens life away from the drab presence of political parties.  It makes people sane in an insane situation.  It uplifts them in a period where their leaders would rather defraud their constituents, in an unfair game of misrepresentation.  It is in basketball ironically where justice is real.


I prefer basketball than social realities, anytime.


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