NBA GAMES: For the idealistic sportsman

spurs miami

Now I am convinced that NBA games are worth its promoted jingles.  It is above ground and a stately medium done through honest entertainment.  It could never be less than that.  Watching from the comfort of cable TV at home, I cannot but realize that the games I am watching are samples from heaven.  I could not even believe that the NBA Finals would have figured into some kind of an authentic program.  I was tempted to stereotype the games as fixed and done deals; that is, Miami Heat is not only favorite winner but the real winner after the conference, but merely holding on some punches.

And why not?  With the best players in town organized under one roof, a brilliant athlete Lebron on top of the list; followed by an equally gifted hoopster Dwaine Wade; then a towering Chrish Bosh; 3 point artists Miller and Allen;  the bench is a veritable stable of basketball greats sparked by playmaker par excellence Chalmers with high flying Andersen aka Birdman, guided by an outstanding coaching staff headed by Spoelstra.  Miami Heat is destined to win the Finals hands down.  There is other way to defeat a flamboyant group of highlight performers.

The ball however is round.

Despite the radiance each player displays on the wooden floor there is always who has the necessary edge.  It could be skill, it could be experience, it could be strength, it could be confidence, it could be maturity, it could be youthful zest, or a combination of everything, the application of everything given a particular move in a specific situation.

In a competition where there is neither intervention nor any pre arranged fix, the game is a sight to behold.  It is the highpoint of what may be referred to, as pure science manifesting through sheer will and determination. The winner should have courted the heavens, fate, universe and anything where power emanates.

I was guilty to have prejudged the NBA Finals earlier on.  I thought that Miami Heat was feigning weakness, or trying to flop around to borrow the latest NBA rule on fake acts.  I thought that Lebron James, along with Wade, Bosh and the rest of the Heat were only trying to make the conference commercially tingling that was why they were holding on their guns.  That the Spurs will fade and melt as soon the heat is turned on; that there is the needed force reduction to make the games quite thrilling and worth watching in the paid arena.  Basketball in US is third after football and tennis in terms of popularity so its revenue from the audience must keep the register ringing.

But the Spurs are not that push overs after all.  It never thaws in the glare of hotness.   Even if the Heat has turned all its klieg lights on, including all the appliances from iron to microwave.  The Spurs instead may have contributed to what the Heat would later call as headache, or nightmare, whatever.

The die is cast and Spurs a leading score away from the jewel.  How the Heat would overcome the stress and tension, how it would behave in a manner which bespeaks of poise, how it would play cool amidst anxiety rests mainly only how the coach would goad his minions.  This is where coaches are paid for.  This is where their comeuppance is defined.  This is where the mullah in the contract is all about.

Game 6 is not a competition for anything else but more on the sworn display of coaching wits.

Game 6 is a defining moment.    For me, it’s a long tom.

Spurs it is.


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