Playoffs in NBA Finals became a national pastime for days.  Bets were even, no pluses.  The contenders were almost equal.  Both sides have veritable superstars starting as Big Three.  The casts were the most gifted ball handlers in the planet.  The games were fairly fought on the wood.  The teams each have won one after another until the final do or die was declared.


Fighters will go the distance if they are motivated to, well, fight.  The Spurs wanted the crown for the legacy but the Heat goes out for the kill if only to embrace prestige.  Legacy vs Prestige.  And what happened was a revelation:  Heat prevailed over embattled Spurs by 7 points.  Prestige went over Legacy by a stretch.  And in a commercial world where we live, prestige is fought with life on the line than heritage.  History is sometimes ignored for what is significant in the current times.  Author Paulo Coehlo echoed this in his writings, “The secret is here in the present.  If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it.  And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better.


The prestige of Miami heat prevailed.  It has become therefore a force to watch in the next conference and expected to play better barring injuries from its superstars of course.  The Spurs will fade but with greater records for almost snatching the crown from Heat in Game 7.  The Heat will encounter a challenge, no longer from the depleted Oklahoma team but in the resurging lineup of Indiana Pacers with playmaker Granger up front.  Miami will have a hard time in the Eastern Conference with Indiana’s youthful talents.  Once through, assuming Heat would eventually cap its way up, they would be pitted with a new powerful group from the West, the Denver Nuggets highlighted by a skilled monster called McGee.  The Clippers had their chance but their fame would be limited to highlights only.  Lakers—with their present crop of hoopsters—belongs to the museum.  Another conference next year would still be another date for an entertainment great.


There was no wise money in Game 7.  Anyone can win, well, or lose.  Depending on one’s personality, the bets were reflected accordingly.  Hence, if introvert, that is to say the silent type, his wager would be on Spurs.  If extrovert, the bragging kind, his stake would be on Heat.  There was fun on the side.  There was fairness and the game was fought with equal intensity and gait.  The better team would win and it was Miami, which came out ahead.  The braggers had their day and the reserved ones concede.  There is nothing supernatural in the equation but pure sportsmanship.


Social scientists can easily comprehend the type of personality through a survey.  In the prison community, there are more who placed their expectation on the Heat.  That means a lot about their collective psyche.  In the prison rank and file, wagers were made on the Spurs.  This means that the personnel were the subdued kind.  This should lead us to an understanding that in prison administration, there is a great divide.


Private companies or even public sector agencies can take a leaf from the same analysis if they care to appreciate how their organization would fare in the face of trials and challenges.


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