politician as joker

If there is any foul measure or insult one can get is that the person who was elected into public office to lead eventually gets into the groove to study how to lead.  In other words, the whole projection during the campaign was pure charade, a joke and done in jest.  It is like getting the services of a defender.  As soon as the contract as counsel has been inked, the person enters the law school to qualify.  Worst, it is like seeking a medical treatment from someone who is as yet to enroll in the medical school!


The electorate is to blame at times.  They deserve whatever shortfall their collective decisions may have brought them to bear, specially hardships and destitution in the course of electing their leaders; and, equally liable are Government agencies in charge of qualifying those who screen candidates, they ought to be impugned also.  Civil Service Commission is strict on those who seek employment in government requiring applicants to possess the minimum qualification for a specific post in government service only to turn a deaf ear on the qualifications of those running for public office.  The justification is that the Constitutional provision is liberal on the qualification of those in the elective office.  That explains why there are druids, jokers, shamans, jesters who are elected as leaders and representatives of the people.  The cavalier provision makes life unbearable and the people are left wishing the universe for a change in their fate.  Wishful thinking, it is.


While studying and advancing knowledge are commendable attributes, legislative work is not a technical or a vocational skill to be learned.  There are numerous clerks and technicians who are paid by people’s hard earned money submitted, as tax and any course that would duplicate the effort would only mean a waste of resources.  Representatives must know what their people needs.  While on the campaign trail, they already have offered a platform which through their sworn competence it would be realized.  Unless of course, and this is already being revealed, that what they have promised were merely delusions and fairy tale mirages only.   Besides, honesty and incorruptibility are never learned anywhere.  It is on how a person is bred that makes it happen.


Public service expressed through public, elective office is a vow, a crusade to be conducted with passion and competence.   It is not only a calling; it is at most a sacrifice of heroic proportion.  It is not about popularity.  It is not an economic proposition to refund with interests whatever has been expended.  It is never a profession to explore personal opportunities to gain.  It is never a sanctuary for selfishness and exclusive private concern.  It is never intended to play a joke on the populace.  It should not be a form of entertainment.


These eager-beaver political neophytes are playing with fate and flames.  They have never realized that submitting themselves to the people, campaigning and promising, sharing their interests and assurances, asserting pledges and giving guarantees are conditions they stress in exchange not only of their poltical survival but their mortality too.  Admission whether disguised or implied that they have as yet to prepare for their role is incurable as it is lethal.  How will they lead if unprepared?  How will they lead when ill equipped?  How will they lead when untrained?  To confess that they are now cramming to learn is already a plea of treachery.


It is not sloth, it is not exploitation, it is not gullibility that makes this nation poor, it is treason by its chosen leaders.  They do not only deserve a day in their post, they do not even deserve to exist at all!


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