I was waiting in a shed one day when a man with a tamed smile came over to ask what time it was.  Both of us were expecting for a friend to appear and during that time we engaged in small talk.  The man looked excited, hale and inspired.  There were wrinkles near his eyes, a little folded skin on his neck but anything else seem nothing revealing nor would betray a man in his mid 50’s. 

“I’m almost 85 years old,” he whispered.  “And I am here waiting for someone I have not met for half a century.”

He never even looked like one who has reached the 60s but he confessed that his eyes were no longer that keen anymore and that his real age would manifest in his poor hearing.  But everything about him was fine.  He still could walk spritely, converse heartily, could stand for hours, jump a little and could stoop to reach for his toes without difficulty.  “You see, I was abroad, in Hawaii for 11 years.  I was a dishwasher in Marriot Hotel but dishwashing there is not the same as dishwashing at home.  They have this spray of hot water, which is showered on used plates, and after a while, the plates were moving on a cart from one side to another almost dried in a jiffy.  That simple and on an hourly basis I am paid for $15.  That means $150 for 10 hours and beauty of it was that I had full meals for free.  Kidding aside, I have never tasted water during the entire stretch of my overseas work.  I only used water when rinsing my mouth in the morning and all through out the day I drank 8 to 10 glasses of milk on the average!”

That to me was a revelation.  The milk he consumed during the period even if he never took a sip later would have welded on in his system already.  It was milk that made him look young, well even youthful, and vigorous.  Accordingly, he never had any major sickness and if at all he never felt well, it was more on laziness than colds on a weather-beaten day.

Yes indeed, it’s milk.  And why not.  It was the first food any human being had as soon as he is born.  It is the primary source of nutrition for the young mammal before he could be able to digest solid food.  It was a magic potion for his life in the beginning.  It made his bones strong, his innards functioning properly, his brain cells accurately formed, and his poise confident and proud.

It is milk that is a key contributor to improving nutrition and food security and offers significant promise in reducing malnutrition in the world.  And I would even dare say that it is not only a complete food but also the only food, within the reach of anyone, that could arrest ageing and retains youthfulness in man.  Any other exotic herbs or preparation may approximate the potency of milk but these could only be derived when there is proper or proportionate formulation.  In milk, everything is naturally framed if not perfectly primed.


(NOTE:  Numerous studies have found that conjugated in oleic acid, found mainly in milk provides several health benefits including prevention of atherosclerosis, different types of cancer and hypertension and improved immune function.

 There is a recent evidence suggesting consumption of milk is effective at promoting muscle growth and improving post exercise muscle recovery.

 In 2010, scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health identified a substance in dairy fat, that may substantially reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and lowered the risk on contracting cardiovascular diseases in older adults.)


My old acquaintance met his friend ahead of me and he waved at me as they briskly walked away.  The man looked like anyone of the youthful pedestrians crossing the wide street.  A few paces away, I could no longer determine who among the throng was the 85-year-old fellow.  His agility and age I could not reconcile.  What stuck in my mind that time was to proceed to the nearest grocery to pluck out a can of fresh milk from the counter.

Looking old and feeling grouchy?  Drink milk and worry no more.







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