HANDLING PRISONERS IN NEW BILIBID PRISON: (On taming a ferocious dragon)

prisoners handling

It has been said that 80% of inmates serving time in the maximum compound of the New Bilibid Prison are considered not only high risk and high profile but also referred to as pure predators.  Violence is not only a second nature for this homogenous group; it is, as a matter of course, a normal occurrence, an instinctive expression.

If there are reported casualties among the denizens in the prison camp, it is either as a consequence of suicide (or what appears to be one) or bangungot (nightmare) a phenomenal ailment where a person fails to awake and literally would fell into a deep coma.

While in the past, fatalities were a result of gangland reprisals versus opposing gangs, the succeeding peace and collective amity have reigned to the point of stability.  After all, in the land of the brave, only those with lesser bravery perish.

But there arise instances when collective peace is disturbed.  This occurs when someone manifests treacherous conduct as in double crossing or disrespectful avoidance of debt.  Death penalty is most likely issued by anyone on whose account deception and debt penalty accrue.

While suicide and questionable deaths surround all incidents in the National Penitentiary, it is only a minute portion, a small insignificant percentage in the over all situation of the prison community.

The prison camp pulsates with life and throbs with economic activity.  There are however no contracts and receipts issued and circulated.  Only the word of honor is sufficient as guarantee.  Like in the cock fighting arena, a simple hand signal is enough.  And such gesture is binding and reckoned majestically.

In prison, there is no such thing as secrecy.  If at all there is something to protect, it is shared exclusively by everyone in the facility.  The word is guarded with zeal and adorned with sacredness.  Transactions range from triviality to complexity.  From a simple movement from one bed bunk to another to a more complex one, from one facility to the farthest facility.

Everyone expects to be treated with caution although prison officers are seen by prisoners more in the context of an exploiter and at times, as the exploited.  The prison officer represents that figure which the prison community must deal with regularly.  They must have to live with the officer and conversely, the officer must have to contend with prisoners serving as normal background in his grinding routine and tour of duty.

Each must compliment another; each must watch over another; each must serve one another.  Prisoners become guards and guards become prisoners.  Their minds blend with environment and environment forms the kind of character they eventually become.

Prisoners grow matured as they serve time, they become subservient and subdued.  They began to see things in perspective and appreciate plans in a distance.  Incarceration, truly, tames any subject within its sphere.


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    kindly purnished the IRR of the RA 10592



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