Fugitive from law Janet Lim Napoles surrendered in style after hiding for days.  And why not?  She has the money to do that.  Never mind if the money came through illegally or in a manner of speaking unfortunately through deception and fraud.  The point is, such money whatever its form or origin can procure miracles even in this eclectic world we live in.  After all, money ,good or dirty , looks exactly the same, if not the same from the start.


And she gets so much premium from said money notwithstanding where it came from.  She has a good lawyer.  She gets Presidential attention.  The staff of the Chief Executive were all scampering to assist.  Before her alleged rackets were uncovered, she was everywhere enjoying life along with the rich and famous, and she cascaded the same interests to her equally flamboyant daughter.


She must also be that generous.  She must also be that lavish and liberal to a number of well placed, influential and powerful persons in and out of government.  She could have shared or probably gave the lion share of whatever it is that can be divided and treated as loot as in spoils in war.  She must be that considerate and ever facilitative, even to the extent of joining personal and private affairs of her clients.  She was after all a dispenser, a fixer, a facilitator, an architect for largesse or that catalyst who can transform, magically, largesse into pocket money for her sponsors.


For that she has earned that respect, the adulation, the reverence for which she is now receiving.  She can almost at will conduct an exclusive press briefing in the country’s top news paper.  Her gestures easily understood by men of substance and  people in high places.  They are after all recipients of her generosity and they all lapped up and are satiated.


While in detention, she can even push the limits of criminal justice administration by seeking her confinement condition from jail to a country style detention bungalow in Fort Sto Domingo.  President Erap was for a brief occasion an inhabitant of said facility and MNLF founder Nur Misuari.  All, men of history, well, men of substance, whatever be the crime for which they were made to answer.  But this time, a who?  a Janet Lim Napoles wanted also to use the facility and which the courts has eventually acceded.  Janet Napoles in the estimation of some must also be in the league of historical personalities.  This is what money can really bring!  Whether money accumulated through thrift or theft, there is no difference.  For others, as long as you have the money, you get respect.


How are now to tell our kids, our loved ones to earn and work using fairness when everyone around us wanted to fool us all the time.  We have been prodding our friends and barkadas, humiliating them a bit just to rib, if only to pay the tax correctly only to realize that these hard earned dough surrendered to government is wasted through abusive government officials in conspiracy with shaded characters.  Worst, there are people in government who would rather corner money through fraud and in the process would look good in the public eye.


Lesson learned.  Hard and difficult to make a fortune?  Do it the Janet way and be anywhere you wish.




And what about this denial thing by Pasig Rep. Roman Romulo whose wedding with Madam Shalani Soledad featured one of their sponsors a certain Janet Lim Napoles.  Romulo was quick to say, “I only knew her socially.”  In Philippine socio cultural tradition, a sponsor or “Ninang” is selected strictly, meticulously even, choosing from a long list of people who they could run to for succor if the going gets tough.  If we are to believe Romulo that their Ninang Janet’s name was there merely as a social accident, then the gray matter of some guys must be suspect.


Ninong or Ninang in every relationship is sacred.  They are deferred and respected.  They are never seen as uneventful, to be snubbed, to be snagged, to be ignored.  Godparents as the term is known in English is even more pronounced.  God is appended on parents!  Godparents while expected to be there during crunch time to save their godchildren should merit equal defensive protection also.  Godchildren should be, as a matter of respect and cardinal duty, protective of their godparents, shielding them from the glare of malice, from unfair suspicion or plainly, in sympathetic silence.  The couple Romulo-Soledad (my apologies, for this emotional bias)  did the unthinkable by dismissing their godmother as pure social accident in their relationship.  They should be there at the forefront defending their godmother whatever it takes.  Oh, well.


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