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When an agency is tasked to run after a crook, it better brace itself for good.  There are a lot of legal “landmines”, or technical maneuvers,  which could jolt anyone treading through into an explosive situation, blowing up into smithereens anybody caught into it.


In a simple case of search down in prison, a prison administrator once directed an officer to conduct an instant raid on a suspected drug lair in the prison camp.  True enough, contrabands were seized and suspects investigated.  What came out of the investigation however proved fatal to the raider.  The suspect claimed that it was the raider who was supplying the contraband all along and that failure to remit the sales rendered the suspect vulnerable to searchers and eventually to filing of charges.  The statement of the suspect was submitted and as a result, counter charges were filed and the prison leader has to reckon and unfortunately order for the dismissal from the service of his subordinate.


NBI was similarly situated.  It was tasked to run after big time syndicates.  It was directed to go after crooks.  Of course, there also bad players in the team, it is always given anyway.  It is how the team works that matter no matter how some bad players would spoil some plays.  Even if NBI tries to project a la FBI stance (although FBI gets its manpower from the top 10 of law schools in USA), there will always be some shades of pitfalls along the way.  It is given but the mission is always fulfilled at the end of the day.


In the Napoles case, NBI was lead agency.  It deployed twelve tracking team to bag their celebrity prey.  The world is watching.  Presidential attention was even compelled to be agitate, resulting in the issuance of a 10 Million peso bounty.  A few minutes later, Napoles with her lawyer surfaced.  They went to the Palace to surrender to the President bearing the note that they are up against their NBI tormentors.


Some really are gifted or better, smarter than the others.  The NBI prey proves to be smarter than their previous targets.  At the end of the “catch me if you can” episode, it was NBI which is about to fold up.  While suspect Napoles is getting every concession she seeks,—a good detention facility, an air conditioning unit and recently, a possibility for a maid as errand, the NBI on the other hand is disintegrating.


The world indeed is full of trickery as the poem Desiderata would point out.


Suddenly, PNP rose up to the occasion.  In an instant, it became the protective agency sought for.  PNP became the sanctuary of Napoles, the threatened fugitive from justice turned victim and viewed at times as state witness.  PNP will blanket the accused with its mantle of fortification.  Sometime ago, some PNP elements were found to have bungled on their prey.  On two occasions, suspects were summarily exterminated along with innocent bystanders.  PNP for a time was never called to be consulted but rather to be conducted in an assault.


The make over was fast.  PNP has become the lead agency for safety, as what really it should be in the first place.  Meanwhile, NBI was trailing, its integrity and reputation depreciating slowly.  Worst, NBI was (and still is) at the forefront of sensitive situations like the alleged Ampatuan massacre case among others.  If it continually reduce its effective representation, time will come when offenders become the bearer of revenge and the State, merely an audience of judicial tragedy.


Finally, the poem Desiderata concludes in the face of all these unfortunate incidents, “Let it not distract you (from trickery) from a virtue therein, for the world is also full of heroism.  Be gentle.  Strive to be happy.”




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