Fact:  New Bilibid Prison maximum security camp was built in the 1940s and could ideally house an accommodation level for 5,000 prisoners—7,000 at the most as peak.  To date, it is a confinement facility of 13,000 inmates—an almost 130 percent congestion rate from the ideal base.


Additional Fact:  Confined in this 9 hectare facility are those who were sentenced to more than 20 years up to Life Imprisonment.  Lifers constitute almost 70% of the prison population in the entire camp.  When death penalty has not been abolished yet, the area was better known as a camp where a dormitory was devoted as Death Row.


Cases of those classified to serve time in this compound range from Kidnapping to Robbery with Homicide, Murder to Plunder, Violation of Drug Laws to Rape.  Detested acts, which are defined in the Revised Penal Code and related special laws, would find flesh and blood inside the four walls.


With the kind of characters, background and type of offenses that denizens have presumed to exude; the facility could easily earn the title as the most fearsome if not the most dangerous corner of our society.


How to sustain and preserve peace in this kind of environment even for a day is already considered a miraculous act.  Here is a situation when abnormality must rule the day.  When exemption from the tenet of good housekeeping could rule the day.


Having a peaceful period in the crowd considered by law as predatory is almost an impossible situation.  For how can one consider as normal a peaceful situation in a place filled to the brim.  To think of harmony in this blight spot is already wishful thinking.


But miracles do happen.  For the last few years, this camp, the maximum wing of the National Penitentiary seldom would hear of violence of great proportion.  Riots, which were normal occurrence before has never visited a curve in the facility.  Peace reign and serenity at nighttime is becoming ordinary.


There were pockets of troubles every now and then but the frequency is greater in the market place or some streets in the free community than in this exclusive enclave.  Indeed, the prison facility is house to killers and pillagers; and, no one can claim a better killer or pillager than anybody inside.


Peace and harmony can be obtained even the most forsaken place but there is so much compromise to be offered.  Like an emergency patient facing an extreme medical condition, abnormal dosages are administered and other out of the box approaches dispensed with to save the patient from fatal end.  In a terribly congested facility like those in other countries, the same tactic can also be employed.


In Philippine prison settings, allowing entry of appliance, while a no-no, at times are resorted to in reducing the tension brought about by overcrowding.  Loud blaring sounds, normally a very disturbing condition in the free community, are an accepted intervention medium that drowns collective emotional difficulties.  Entry of visitors, mostly family members conditions peace and public safety.  One is reminded that crimes are mostly performed as a dedicated act in the name of love for family.  One kills to protect his family.  One robs to improve family life.  Having all these around normalizes an abnormal condition.



Again in the on-going investigation of the PDAF scam:  What was pocketed by corrupt government officials intended to benefit the greater masses, could have been dedicated to the exploration of oil—which could have lowered the cost of commodities.  It could have modernized the armed forces of the country, improved the criminal justice administration, from an increased professional support to law enforcement, prosecution, courts and correction.  Sent all children to school, treated all patients in hospitals and sustained all commercial activities from manufacturing to production.


The country could have leveled with Singapore if not Japan.


This could have been done using those funds, which were lost to corruption in the past 10 years.  No matter how jubilant government is in projecting a robust economy, if government officials would corner these resources, the people would remain poor and in the state of penury forever.


The prison community welcomes these corrupt elements for an absolute cleansing process.



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  1. Kapitan WalisTamo

    Dapat lamang na pataying na ang mga nag-kasala, unahin na natin ang mga Corrupt na goverment empleyado at opisyal. These people are worst than the most hideous criminal in New Bilibid Prison. It will be a disgrace for the inmates to have these people jailed with them, these corrupt “Public Servants” are worst of the worst, worst than a wild killer animal, worst than vampires and worst than “Zombies”. These “Plungers” are not even humans, I am sorry, I’m running out of words to describe them.


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