doris my sister

I have a number of visitors the past few weeks.  They were mostly sisters of prisoners.  And they had fire in their eyes  as they set on the task working on the records and trying to push administration to consider the situation of their loved ones so that their respective brothers would be released.


Their tenacity in the cause of their brother’s case reminds me of my sister.


I could only appreciate and compel myself to do their bidding.  After all, my sister would have been in this same situation had I been in the state of their brother too.  They were very aggressive to the point of being overzealous.


If given the power, they could have melted the obstacles their brother is facing.  I could have been liquefied with their looks and demeanor since I represent the system that holds a person.


Yes, my sister.  She must have been watching me from heaven.  She must have been in her usual matron style, arms on her hips, chin up, standing tall assessing a situation, eyes fix , lips pout.  She is everywhere, beside me, in my memory, even at times when I am contemplating on doing something bad.


Oh yes.  She was always there for me.  She was mother incarnate.  She was my buffer, my defender, my representative.  She was my constant counsel.


I may be good or bad, but for her I would still her brother come what may.  And as such, I must be protected, secured and shielded from the elements.


Without her around, I feel vulnerable.  I feel the angst of nature.  I could see myself as endangered and almost exposed.  She was there to blanket me with confidence.


I could be careless and uncaring, I could be callous and even heartless but everywhere my sister would be there caring and affectionate, concerned about me, about my health, my security, my person.


My sister is in heaven alright, her spirit though is with me always, her smile fortunately is in my heart and her tenacity, like all sisters are, is always everywhere.


I could be strict, I could be mean, I could be very objective, cold and neutral in all matters presented to me in work.  But when a sister of anyone would approach me, I could just be a willing listener, subjective and emotional and at times, moved towards a commitment.  It is the sister in my heart that governs.


Where she is, wherever she might repose her concern, in every way she is, she knows I am always there also for her.  Our love bonds us through eternal times.  She is that figure that makes me just and concern for all times.  My moral compass and light.


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  1. Makes me feel proud to have met her…shared bedroom with her…have her (a very intelligent and sensible woman) had a talked with me…but never for a sec makes me feel unworthy of her presence. 🙂


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