Those charged with kidnapping are detained in jails until the promulgation of their cases.  While in detention, the suspects remain in custody (kidnapping is unbailable) and their visitors known not only to jail authorities but also to their fellow detainees.  Those charged with this offense have an uncanny way of projection.  They look accomplished, their taste almost discriminating and their generosity extends to their superiors.  But once, there is conviction and they are brought to prison, a space is created, a vacuum of munificence felt instantly and every made to reach out to their benefactor is immediately conducted.

Syndicates are formed through critical collaboration.  The gang member, an enterprising one would volunteer to their guard or their protector in the law enforcement field to work on a project for squeezing out whatever it is to be grasped.  A motley group is formed to stalk the visitor after visitation and from there; they are, wherever they may be outside of the penal reservation, flagged down.  The visitors are held and questioned on the basis of their affiliation with the convicted person and malice immediately imputed as if the visitors are accomplices in the crime for which the convict has been penalized.  Negotiation starts.  As a result, the kin of the kidnapper falls into the trap in a quasi kidnapping activity.

With the influx of cases where leaders of major kidnapping groups were held and on top of them, leaders of drug syndicates, the prison camp literally became a rich farm land for counter syndicates on which to base their take on a lucrative kidnapping activity.

For the last two years, incidents of stalking, abduction and kidnapping have been the travail the kin of prisoners in high profile cases have undergone.  It’s a tragic-comedy affair.  Those who lived a high end life bordering on celebrity status brought about by syndicated crime are now at the tail end of the same modus operandi they have employed for a time, this time around, they are at the receiving end of the criminal negotiation.  A case of crime versus crime.

The vicious cycle which the offenders have started would have gone full circle.  It is a defining moment for those who subscribe to karmic philosophy.  It is also a bit Biblical along the line, what was sowed will be reaped; or, more direct, what you have done to others, will redound to you in return, something of that sort.

There seems to be no end in sight for this criminal phenomenon.  It is an affliction which bothers the denizens of the prison community specially those who succeeded in their illicit trade.  It is ailment they have introduced and this time, it is them suffering from it. But it is a concern which borders on the ludicrous, since those at the rallying stage are not the usual gangs one finds within the fold of Mafiosi but this time around, members of law enforcement agency.  It is something that spells infection, something that is already outside of police procedures based on textbook.  It is a lesson which may be passed on as Criminal Acts 101.


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  1. a most ironic yet seemingly appropriate consequence.. yet with caution, such incarcerated criminals themselves (not necessarily the specific victims but co-inmates, with their criminal connections and wherewithals acquired in their heydays) may finally turn out to be the masterminds as they are wont to do – the corrupt (some) law enforcers being in cahoots all along! …the curse of personality lives on i should say, even in the most restrictive walls of a solitary cell. it is the same blend of past experiences and natural dispositions that runs through the veins of a person as he/she meets consequences along the way till kingdom come, i believe…

    kudos to a fine and keen observation, sir!


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