shit happens

One dreary day, after the regular headcount, a keeper submits his report.  However, there is a twist.  One among thousands under his watch is missing.  And so, he takes pain to look for this missing inmate.  He cannot allow his record besmirched much more so for an impending administrative case in the event that the missing ward has finally been recorded as nowhere.  For the security personnel designated as keeper, this is just one of the days he abhorred.  For him this could be something like “shit happens!”


Of course, there is always a happy ending.  After a thorough search, the officer would later be informed that the inmate has been admitted in the prison hospital.  Or, he failed to report back having spent the night with a relative or friend in some dormitories outside of his building.  Well, for the inmate who failed to ask permission and got his custodian into a dizzying plane, a few knuckles on his temple could have spelt also something like being given a plate of shit!


In prison, the issue of missing has despicable angle also.  Aside from accidental slip, aside from “bangungot”, aside from heart attack, there is the matter of absence from the roll.  In this case, the keeper, the patrol and the perimeter guards are haled and investigated for possible lapses and eventually, an administrative charge.  Having been penalized for suspension and serving such penalty, the truth usually would stare administration years later.  Bones and remains of a chopped person would be unearthed in some compost pit within the camp, a victim of internal strife among prisoners.  This is more prevalent than those who would succeed in tunneling through the facility.


For the prison administrator in charge of managing a congested facility, it is not only a matter of shit happening, it is always a case of shit everywhere.


There will always be trouble somewhere.  There will always be misunderstanding and outright confusion.  In a crowded community, one cannot evade being intrigued and getting involved in a quarrel.  For always, there will be those who will impose their will and would impose their influence no matter how trivial it is.  And when this happens, disorder is not far.  And when there is disorder and there is no semblance of control, hell breaks out.


Frustration is written in every alley of the prison camp.  It is decorated not only in a savage way from the facial expression of the denizens; it is marked in every motion where a prisoner wishes to traverse.  All prisoners dream of freedom specially those who have served time at least from the way they were informed.  All of them wanted to be heard and understood.  The phenomenal rise of gangs is born out of this requirement.  Gangs represent the baser instinct, the baser hopes and the baser security of an individual member.


To a large extent, gangs are not only gate keepers but shit keepers as well.




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