vjt baby

(Baby Ven at 6 months…59 years later, Tata Venn na!)

A busy schedule sometimes would deny anyone the luxury even to look up to the mirror.  I had one occasion however when I chanced upon such luxury.  And there I was looking tired, washed up from the daily grind, taking its toll on my complexion and literally reconfiguring the cuddly little baby that was once the apple of my parents.


Time demands a lot from any living creature.  Once it gains life, it proceeds according to its natural formation.  There is instant metamorphosis.  If I were an insect, I would have evolved from nowhere to be a pupae onwards to become a butterfly and then dust.  Life goes on in perpetuity leaving everyone, passing one’s  genes unto another.  It is a progression of a cycle.  The present becomes the past, the past becomes the antecedent of the future.


Legacy is just a passing compliment to a life spent in blissful harmony with how it is applied.  It becomes worthy if it would be reckoned.  It becomes fiction however if it is impractical to follow.  But through it all, life is what governs and pulsates in the planet.


A living creature may succeed or fail.  Success in plain biological terms means to procreate its specie.  Failure means to be static and infertile.  A creature can only do so much.  It can promote growth or be a part of nature’s destructive force.  It could sustain, wittingly or unwittingly, in the furtherance of its tribe or be an element that could wipe out its beginnings.


These are thoughts that nag me during my period of contemplation.  Profound thoughts that predicate my time while determining the importance and significance of my existence, much more so, the impressions I would leave behind as I chart the path outside of government service.


Everyone must take a cue.  The best and the brightest, the noblest and greatest, the wisest and richest, all of them have come and gone.  Their exceptional bearing never had any dint on their mortality.  Just the same, they belong, like the subordinates with them, to the earth beneath the ground they once tread.  It is only their names that would remain, a symbol without character, a sign without shadow.  Everything that has been accumulated, resources that can be found just about in every corner, will be where they are outside of the mortal remains of the person who made it possible.  Yet life goes on as if nothing has been disturbed.


The mirror says it all.


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  1. Truly, life is a unending question that hunts all creatures is ” why am I this time, place, circumstance,with people I don’t fully know….Is there really a meaning to my existence?” Deep in the recesses of man’s being lies the answer…only a purpose in life can give meaning to our existence…finding the answer may take a lifetime..but it’s worth the search….for all we know..our life is an unending journey…to an elusive, omnipotent TRUTH.


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