A Chinese sage once said that when a door lock can be opened by ANY key, then it is no good.  But when a key can open 10 door locks then it is called a MASTER KEY.  This was his response when asked how he views a lady’s man or what we pejoratively refer to as playboy.

Of course, every culture has its respective nuisance with respect to what womanizing or infidelity is all about.  There are those that considered such acts as manly and therefore a favorable character trait.  In some conservative cultures however, it is frown at.  Liberal communities to a certain extent would not make fuzz about it but in some sectors; it is considered a high crime.  And you can find them everywhere.  They may be Presidents, Dictators, or Kings.  They may also be vagabonds, heel or criminals.

Let us hear what the local playboy will say about it.

Interviewer:  We know this is personal, you may answer this question or not, Sir.  Are you married?

Playboy:  Why?

I:  Have you any serious relationships with women Sir?

P:  A lot.  As a matter of fact, I have several serious relationships with several women.  I love them all.  I respect them all.  I am even willing to sacrifice everything and if push will come to shove, die for all of them.

I:  Have you any particular liking for anyone of them, say, your favorite?

P:  None.  All of them have become a part of me.  And if anyone should pass or move on, dropping me or hearing nothing of me, it is like a part of my body has been severed.  You know, women compliment my entire being.  Each of them represents a specific significant function.  They represent my totality.  I am today what they collectively have given me.  One of them gets off, I become disabled.  All of them depart, then I become a zombie.

I:  If given a choice, whom would you favor?  The one you fell in love with the first time?  The one with money and property?  The one who is servile?  The youngest of all?  The most charming of all? 

P:  Like I said, all of them.  But don’t get me wrong.  I am not a believer of India’s caste system.  Neither would I subscribe to the Arab’s harlem tradtion.  I don’t know where my classification is.  Most probably like an entertainer, the mold of Lou Salvador with hundreds of children from different beautiful women, or a Dolphy perhaps, or Ramon Revilla, whatever.  I never have their charm in the first place but there is proximity somewhere, well, as far as treating our women is concerned.  The point is:  all my women are all my ladies, are all my queen and they deserve the majestic treatment.  I will even go to hell for them.

I:  You mean they are all living under one roof in your care?

P:  Well, not necessarily.  They have their own respective turf.  I would look at it this way, it’s like the Solar System where I am the Sun, and they are all planets circling around me.

I:  knock on wood Sir, should you pass away, how do see what will happen to your remains?

P:  Of course, I have no more consciousness by that time, although my plan is cremation.  I will be a dust by then.  I may be on the ground, at sea or if it would be scattered, in every nostril of those around.

I:  Do you have any advice for those guys who may try to follow your footsteps?

P:  Be a bachelor for life!




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