Looks like the Philippine scene at present has shifted towards an action flick mode.  Down South, where rebels congregate, the military is engaged in warfare.  In the metropolis, where celebrity bashing is the name of the game, they are all geared for “maul-fare.”  We are still conducting a study on how trouble began down South, possibly because of misunderstanding on the terms for peace; at this point, law enforcement agencies are also in the process of conducting on whose fault the mauling incident of a comedian began.  Both are strictly within the attentive concern of government—never mind, at the moment, the prevailing poverty, injustice, incompetence.

How are these addressed and who are the protagonists gaining sympathy.  In Mindanao, there is the AFP colliding with rebel BIFF.  There are fireworks everywhere; each camp has its own casualty count, each corner having gains and losses.  Over in Manila on the other hand, the center of news and everything worth poking into, there is TV personality Vhong Navarro pitting complaints against another personality, a strikingly beautiful model, who is herself a complainant.

On the whole, the country is pummeled with complaints left and right, from government forces seeking more equipment to deal with combat woes, to rebels seeking redress and voice; from Vhong seeking succor through lines from the entertainment industry to Deniece seeking assistance from friends.  All of them a power house and a force to reckon with.

Meanwhile, restlessness coming down below, those below the poverty line, restlessness born out of hunger, born out of facelessness, born out of desperation, seeking succor from nowhere, seeking attention from nothingness, trying to find peace, trying to find justice, getting nothing except morsels from documentary and nothing more.

We have embraced the New Society during Marcos years; a Strong Republic during the Arroyo term and the Daang Matuwid in current times and still we are struggling to get a piece of sunlight in high noon.  The poor has resigned its lot.  The planet belongs to a talented few.  Justice is everywhere but resides somewhere.  Prosperity is only for a few.  Success is for a handful.

With that as background, what else are people ought to do?  Kung hindi makuha sa bugbugan, barilan na lang !  (If I cannot convince you with my muscles, the bullets will!)

Times while moving on has never changed at all.


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