One finds amusing some people referred to as “fair weather friends.”  They are your company during times when there are no troubles, when the weather is fine.  They are those who would instantly encamp around you if you happen to have the goods available for them.  If you are nowhere near prosperity, you will never meet them at all.  But these fair weather friends serve as barometers for progress.  They are like moth to a lamp.  They pester you even if there is no need for them to be with you in the first place.  They are just there, instant as it were.  They constantly provide you with amusement.  They are easily accessible.  They are there at the moment’s notice.  But of course, you must be liquid or you must have the post necessary for them to squeeze something.

Their loyalty is to the interest not necessarily on the person they cling to.  They have no business hanging around if there are no businesses in the first place.  They merely borrowed courage from their host and if courage is no longer there, there are no more positions to be fret, then out they go to some other places in search for another host.

They are still friends one can bank and rely on.  They are more persistent and audacious than most acquaintances.  They are more perennial and tenacious than your regular barkada.  As a matter of fact, they are even more daring and bold than their principal.  After all, it is not their names or reputation at stake but their superior.  They are there to challenge the gods for you.  They are there to dare and defy, test and taunt.  Should they fail, it is not them that was defeated but their boss.  Inability to control this sector is usually the downfall of the leader.

They would come from nowhere.  To a certain extent, they are just there in the woodwork.  They have no ideology nor principles, no shadows and no values except to earn their upkeep.  Their cause is dependent on their host.  They are even more sensitive and unforgiving, more subtle and complex than their superior’s crop of usual friends and family.  What makes them different, a world different actually than their counterparts is their practicality.  They are not emotionally bothered at all to leave their host once nothing can be extracted.  They just walk away.

They are everywhere in the neighborhood and in the organization where one works.  They are not even aware that they are one.  They are simply there for the taking.  While your friends grieve for you, they are there prodding you to act your best.  While your family shares with your dilemma, they are simply there formulating a way to get back at your tormentor.  They are impatient and want some actions.  They are at the forefront of everything you intend or plan to do.  They are even given to accidents and misfortunes.  Worst however is that, it is an accident or misfortune charged to your account.

One can find them easily at the top or at the bottom.  They are bossier than the boss, holier than thou and more courageous to a fault.  They also are into a lot of sacrifices.  They invest more than anyone else around.  They are even affected psychologically during a mission.  And while they are socially distant and unaffected to a large extent, their proximity affords them a personal touch on anything that matters to the boss.  Their second nature virtually is to manage how the boss should think and anticipate.

Just like storms, there are so called friends when weather allows it.


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