handling government

A certain pupil asked Confucius about government:
“What qualifies one to participate in government?” 

Confucius said, “Honor five refinements, and get rid of four evils.
Then you can participate in government.”

The pupil asked, “What are the five refinements?” 

Confucius said, “Good people are generous without being wasteful;
they are hard-working without being resentful; they desire without being greedy;
they are at ease without being haughty; they are dignified without being fierce.”

The pupil asked, “What are the four evils?” 

Confucius replied, “To execute without having admonished; this is called cruelty.
To examine accomplishments without having instructed; this is called brutality.
To be lax in direction yet make deadlines; this is called viciousness.
To be stingy in giving what is due to others; this is called being bureaucratic.”


If government authorities would treat public service, that which they are managing, as if it were their bodies, then it would be healthy enough to deal with the exigencies of the times.  It would be more sensitive to various challenges and strong in all its dealings.

I don’t know if this is wish fulfillment but if our political leaders would designate experts to run the business of government much like assigning a good physician to sustain or treat public service as if requiring the best physician to take care of their bodies or health, then government service would not suffer so much degradation and misery.

Like the body, a government agency has to confront a lot of stresses and pressures.  Its exposure to various temptations and abuses is certain.  It has also organs in its body which are weak and constantly weakened to the point that there will be times when it gets sick.  Worst, public appreciation of government service is low and truncated.  Those in government are even seen as greedy, indifferent and abusive.  Government is perceived as uncaring and without consideration.  In real terms, it is like a bully out to dislocate anyone who would dare defy its demands.  Hence, people would rather dodge than actively cooperate.  If we have this situation, then government stands as a block on people’s initiative for maturity.

If political leadership treats its body, maintain its health and heals through the best medical services around then why not do the same to any government agency.  Why not assign the best, the expert to treat, maintain and if sick, heal the various expressions of its services to the people.  Then government will not be seen as whining, complaining and grumbling on something inane and inconsequential.  Government will even be appreciated as a mechanism that makes the people mature politically and its system an established pillar of development. 

Government virtually has a choice through the people they choose to represent them.


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