I am wondering how come some of my friends have no account yet in Facebook.  I am still conjecturing also why some of my friends have no email address yet.  At a time when there is such a thing as cyberspace, it is only the youth that predominates it and only a sprinkling of the generation getting through it that preceded the now generation.  It is as if the former generation has already vanished although in reality they are still a part of the living component of the planet.  Why the silence?

It has been said that for anyone today to be called literate it is not enough to know the rudiments of reading, writing and computing, more than anything else, one must know computers too.  There is even a law on electronic communication and lately what has been known as the controversial cybercrime on libel.

In other words, living or functioning within the realm of cyberspace is no longer sci-fi contemplation.  It is a reality already.  The drawback seems to be one of choice.  There are those who do not wish to be initiated on anything new.  That it is a burden to learn another trick.  That learning would have stopped right after the last unit in school has been earned.  That everything which precedes introduction of something new is strictly for the youth and that by choice, anyone who has breached the golden year has no more right, much more so, no more zest to understand what goes beyond contemplation.

I have a friend who would rather confine himself with what he has known before.  Those computers, even operating cellphones, are already alien to him.  He would rather watch his children, even grandchildren, tinker with something digital rather than force his mind into it.

I would likewise suspect that most of those classmates I had in my grade school were also suffering from the same predicament.  There seems to be so many sentiments in the past that they do not intend to move on to the next level.  There seems to be so much significance in the past that they would rather resist change.  There seems to be a fixation with the comfort zone that there is no need to move around.  That while technology improves, nay, advances the excitement of life; it is however saddled with tension and pressures.  And these are components that would rather inhibit anyone faced with the consequence of or perhaps a dilemma of adding learning, of discovering something new in favor of a settled situation.

It is of course different when one discovers cyberspace eventually or be stunned to discover that one is already in cyberspace.


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