“The past is always tense, the future perfect.”
― Zadie Smith

The future is near.  Man’s consciousness may already be saved and preserved in what today we refer to as USB.  It could be installed in his descendant and life moves on perpetually.  Ageing which has been believed as natural cycle would be seen as a form of sickness that could be treated.  Life would go on as one pleases.  Death would just be a term which can only be found in the dictionary.

Science would just be a transient course to study the past and religion would be relegated only as ritual to provide color and fashion on every culture.  There will be no restrictions in traveling from one area to another, from one country to another since the planet will just be one country and travelling would only imply moving on from one planet to another.

There will be no more war since everyone is concerned in understanding climatic challenges.  Politics will just wither along the way since administration is given to microchips already.  Every aspect of life will be governed and digitized leaving the creative part of humanity free to express itself.  Crime will be understood in the context of its effect and not on the penal provision that would affect the offender.

Prisons and other detention facilities like government offices will be phased out.  Nobody would compel anyone, nobody will exploit everyone.  Every activity will be conducted business like and fairness will rule the global economy.

Schools will be organized in what we know today as laptops and lessons on gregariousness can be found in malls and market places.  Education will be rounded and holistic and everybody will be enjoying learning and inspired unwittingly to be literate.

Poverty can be addressed not through lip service anymore.  Distribution of wealth and life sustaining supplies will be conducted by computers already, through mathematically programmed formulations.

Sickness will be a historical reminder on the frailty of ancient mind.  Health will be the hallmark of everyone.  Vices will proliferate not as threat but as incentive for an exciting lifestyle.

Books will still be there but would evolve in several forms.  Life would almost reach its perfect state.

But there is a drawback however in reaching this stage.  There will be a massive resistance.  There will be forces out to retain the present situation, there will be powers to maintain status quo.  The world will be divided and a monumental upheaval would commence.  That would signal the start of World War III!

Physicist Albert Einstein, the man who discovered the process that led to the development of Atomic Bomb was asked before what he thinks of the future.  He said, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”




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