Government service is never a bed of roses.  It is strewn with all kinds of challenges; it is at best the repository of anything difficult.  Those employed in government are never in for comfort and ease.  It is also not a period to dream of inheriting luxury or even gratitude.  If at all recognition comes, it is more of an incident rather than a significant occasion.  A government worker is there to serve, nothing more.

For those exceptionally industrious, for those who are remarkably skilled, for those who are exceedingly capable, the room for supervision is always wide open.  There is also greater responsibility and greater threats awaiting those who would be ushered in.

As one ascends from one layer to another, as we oftentimes would refer on this concern as promotion, there will be those who will be frustrated and left unsatisfied.  To be promoted means to take higher responsibilities, greater risks, added accountabilities, increased duties, higher exposures to danger both in the administrative and operative sense.  A spike in salary does not even equate satisfaction.   It could not even spell  worthy  of exchange.  An increase in the tasks to be handled mean additional tense and pressures.  And when there is tension, lifestyle changes and sickness at times becomes a necessary effect.  Organization therefore is paying pharmaceutical companies indirectly through the promotion of its workers since they always get sick and depressed comparatively speaking.

In another perspective, a higher position could also mean a higher estimation in terms of esteem and reputation.  Power is added as it is expressed.  From there, influence and connection become an intrinsic part of the position to be yielded.  Technically too, it is also an aggravating circumstance if at all applied if something goes wrong along the way.

For those left behind, life goes on in an ordinary way.  There are no perks, no impressions, no advantages.  Indifference rule their day.  Commitment too is never taught as a practical consideration.  They are merely there to fulfill the numerical strength of a budgetary requirement.  They are just shadows in the machinery of power.  They are neither here nor there.  And they compose the majority in the base of the agency.  They just come and go.

Viewed objectively, every layer, every phase, every stage in government service is a storied picture of concern.  One finds his niche according to how he projects himself in the spectrum of work.  Management guru Peter Drucker once complained that as organization promotes a worker from one plane to another, one day that worker would find himself in a position where he had nothing more to perform as he has reached his level of incompetence already.

When that happens, the organization is left with its mandate in tatters, its reputation down the drain and prestige nowhere to be found.


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