It is in the ingredients if we are talking about noodles or food.  Ordinary meals consist of a plate of plain rice, a  scoop of viand and a half cup of hot soup, that is all.  Add plain water and it’s everything the stomach, the commonplace stomach can appreciate.  If one wants an extraordinary meal, then there is the mouth watering garlic rice, two selected viands, a sizzling bowl of creamy soup with a choiced drink represent not only a rejoicing artful sight, the gustatory air reverberates, and as one lifts the spoon for the initial taste, the salivary glands have already made its composite flow.  That is just the beginning.

This came to my mind when I met my son and quipped that he met an accomplished man, a very extraordinary man in terms of undertakings, yet up close a very ordinary person.  The issue of ordinary and extraordinary came into the light.

Dad, you know I met this young fellow, an enterprising guy, so young, about my age and yet he has a string of businesses and like me, has enrolled in a flying course too.  But unlike me, he owns his own small airplane!”  my son excitedly shared.

What have you discussed? “ I inquired.

Well, everything any youth would discuss like girls, music, happenings, even tricks and jokes.  He is like everyone.  I thought that those who are exceedingly rich are a world different.  They are even more raucous and down to earth like my peers in most squalid corners of Manila! Hehehe

I stared at my son and said, “Looking at them closely you will see that they are indeed different in one aspect only.  And that makes a lot of difference, my son.  You see, successful persons are no different from the rest of creation except that when they work, they work hard.  They know when to be serious.  They labor as if the world depends on them.”

“Ohhh.” my son sighed.

“They walk an extra mile.  And while they share the same limitations, the same girth, the same physique, the same excitement like anybody else, but their mindset pulsates differently when confronted with a challenge.  They become thick face.  They become more conscious.  They become bold.  They are more alert and perceptive.  They become a different person from their usual projections. If you would stay with them for a while, you will notice this when something unusual unfolds along your way.”

“I felt it too when we discussed something serious, like the business and dangers of flying a small aircraft.”  my son volunteered.

You can sense their irritability and emotional vulnerabilities when disturbed.  But given an ordinary situation, you would not even suspect that they are a head above the rest.  You can even mistake someone as greater, even looking more gifted and consummate than the real mc coy!  They are seldom conscious of their looks, they are even more shabby than most of us.  They care less about themselves.  You could hardly perceive anything of value in their person.  But when they act, that makes them a universe different from the rest of the mortals.”

“What do you think Dad, is that destined or studied?”

“All of us are capable of doing extraordinary accomplishments.  Whether there is opportunity or none at all, it is the discipline that makes a person different from the rest.  Not the kind of discipline which the schools teach, but the discipline one realizes in coping with his interests in his studies—whether in school or at home.  The school, the neighbourhood teach a person to be a good worker, a conscientious citizen.  But what a person does after school is what matters.  He can be an ordinary student in school but outside, he can express his best and be extraordinary.  That is why those who are good in extra curricular activities are more preferred and successful than those doing good academically and in a dormant way.  Check you classmates now and see if my impression is correct.”

“I also have a chance to be extraordinary even if everything around me has oriented my perception to be just an ordinary person.”

“It’s a choice my son.”



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