Of course, there is the person of Manny Pacquaio, a provincial lad shoved into a dangerous precipice of choosing between sticking his neck in a contact sport or dying of hunger.  The choice for him was real.  He would eventually succeed in the art where others merely coasted along.  For every trophy and belt he would receive, the adulation of an impressed audience could only cement a reputation for his  greatness.

Manuel Pacquaio was also  labelled the Pacman.  The alias was unintended although it was lifted as a  pun from an animated game where the variant gobbles everything and the score produced.  The more objects swallowed by pacman the higher the score.  And so it was with Pacquaio, the boxer.  He appeared at the lightest weight division and swallowed every champion along the way until he reached the eight division.  From there he was declared a different specie already, short of being suspected as alien, since he cornered a record which no other mortals ever achieved in the field of athletics.

From there the pacman diversified his concern.  I will not deal with this diversion however.  There is no mystique in them anyway.  I would rather focus on boxing where Pacquaio almost achieved a perfected stance notwithstanding defeat and failure in some attempts.

Note that like any other field, passing an exam or hurdling a difficult course or yes, achieving a strong condition to claim something like championship or winning a case or closing a deal, require preparation.  I am tempted even to say PREPARATION, all letters in caps.  It is in the preparation that makes the great difference.  It is in the preparation that a billiard game is won; where negotiation is wrapped up; when an agreement is sealed.

This is where discipline counts most.  This is where structures are built.  This is where restraint is most demanded.  A person wanted to succeed?  He must prepare for it.  A person wants to become somebody, a class of his own, in top form, outstanding, then he must work for it, he must prepare and be ready for the journey to force himself, to concentrate, to focus and eventually achieve what is aspired for.

Whenever famed boxer Manny Pacquaio is tasked to claim or defend a crown, he indulges in a massive training course which no ordinary man could possibly conduct.  He would inflict on himself a rigorous schedule, strain every muscle, push the limits of his lungs, engage his mind towards overcoming whatever distractions, stay healthy despite a regime that would literally break his bones and tear every ligaments of his body.  For months, he would bury himself, confront every demon, deprive himself of temptation all for the sake of a conditioned body and mind.  Reaching his peak means meeting the challenge head on.  It would be a competition with himself as opponent.  That is the mystique all about.

Michael Jordan, the best hoopster ever in the sports of basketball, said that an accurate shot on a dying second is not luck repeated oftentimes, it is the effect of several shots, thousands of trained shots as a matter of fact, to achieve what could have been a precise move for the winning basket.  It is the aspect of disciplined preparation that makes a mystique shown in the flesh.  It was precisely this fact that Pacquaio embraced and would fully subscribe.

Plain as it was, it is also the mystique of winning.



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