It has been said that as soon as a living creature is born, it begins to die.  Actually, whatever its state of life, there is some kind of life form some how.  Another form of life takes over not the supernatural but basically the natural kind.


Chaffs of cell from the body fall off, hair, nails, everything.  The body grows old until eventually, organs weakens due to wear and tear, sickness creeps in, age overtakes and death ensues.  That is the process.


Now the process is that through procreation, man is formed, nurtured until adulthood and once through, it passes away and buried (or burned, whatever).  The body becomes dust, or bacteria and contributes energy to the soil where vegetation is enriched.


Lush vegetation becomes food of animals which eventually will be consumed by those at the top of the food chain and the process goes on until it becomes a pattern, a cycle of life for almost all living things in the world bar none.


For Man, like his counterpart living organism in the planet, undergoes the same pattern, the same routine, the same cycle.  There is no exemption.  Not even religion or status in life can alter it.  Life can be prolonged but just the same it ends.  Anything that has a beginning surely and certainty will have its conclusion.  No one is exempted whether the person is King or vagabond, sinner or Saint, hero or heel, all shall have their respective days on earth and well, elsewhere.


Man is given a very small window on which to view the world of living.  And this window is guarded on all flanks by threats both man-made and natural.  He escapes the vengeance of his fellow, he cannot evade nature’s wrath. Or he exacts retribution and tap nature, he grows old and die just the same.   He must live within the gaps of luck and knowledge.  Man must also embrace wisdom if only to enhance the window from which he uses to view everything.  And view everything he must until finally the curtains will lower.


Life is also an accident and therefore it ends through the same route.  It is therefore wise to understand what accidents are all about.  Not the kind, although in a partial way it is, the insurance man would underwrite for us the prospects.  Accidents happen every single second in a man’s life.  One day he is up and about.  Another day, he is sprawled and immobilized either by fear or sickness.


There are those that delight in comfort, others are excited as a result of competition, while the rest are just too busy struggling until something, wittingly or unwittingly,  good or bad would happen along the way.


Life is tough yet it is brittle if devoted to consolation.  There is no other recourse but be strong and dangerous.



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