nba game

Every NBA game, especially during play offs and finals, is almost conducted as if there is no more game to follow.  That is how professional basketball is played in the most competitive ball game in the planet—the NBA or National Basketball Association.  It is a composition of the best a country can produce, grouped into a team and anything displayed during a competition is superlative in the field of athletics as each skilful player is pitted against another equally skilled.  Every game is a result of hundred of hours of serious preparation.  Every shot made is a studied attempt and a consequence of thousands of practiced attempts.  Every formation is scientifically reviewed, tried, practiced and executed.

Watching just one game is already a treat.  Basketball is literally a game for giants though.  For how can a midget force the leather on a 10 foot height hoop against a tall opponent with outstretched hand almost reaching the net.  The giant need not jump anymore and it would be his game as a natural course.  Only those near the giant status and with a movement of a midget get the games an interesting mix of entertainment and drama.  And NBA games are just that.

Every game is thrilling; only when there is time out when the flow of adrenaline is interrupted.

In the Philippines, basketball is almost a religion with fanatical following.  In every street corner there is a makeshift basketball half court where it is almost occupied with frenzy players from all walks of life, and strategically situated.  It is even more than all churches and chapels combined in a given zone.

In this country, while ideally basketball is savvier for those with considerable height, size does not even matter.  Anyone with guts and can shoot are in already.  Hence, one can see toddlers haggling with balls almost half their size and already dribbling to an impressive stretch.  It is not a prelude to becoming a star in basketball though.  It is more of an orientation to an occasion to watch and appreciate what good basketball game is later.

The game of basketball was formulated by Dr. James Naismith in 1891 to condition football players during winter in USA.  It  also became a physical conditioning exercise by the US Army.  When troops were airlifted to conduct military exercises in other countries, they literally planted the seed of interest among the population where they had their camps.  Thus, basketball was promoted and the game achieved an interesting audience and participation.

During the American occupation, which lasted for almost 50 years, the country was treated by GIs with their athletics through basketball.  The locals tried and followed suit until each town would have their respective teams competing with one another.

Of course, watching basketball in the local scene or in town plaza is feat; the greater feat however is reserved whenever the professional hoopsters in NBA would play the game.  And every game is a cruel series of endless taunting “Win or Go Home!”, “Bring on the world!” “Winners train, losers complain,” “I can do it!”, (Nike) “Just do it!”,”Our blood, our sweat, YOUR tears!” “Defend til the end!”…

Truly, an NBA game is a delightful experience.


(Sometime ago, during the reign of Michael Jordan, on the last game of an NBA finals, I was very excited to watch what to me was the penultimate game of basketball featuring the greatest hoopster in the universe.  At that precise time, the Director of Corrections called for a command conference.  Learning of the schedule, I was torn in a quandary.  Career or personal interest.  I chose to watch basketball even if there were replays to follow.  Watching on real time was better.  Thereafter, I rushed to attend the conference or whatever was left.  I was met with information that I was relieved and placed on floating status for my absence.  There I was in a small corner, without power, without command, but whadaheck, I was still relishing the classic game in my mind for years!)


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