It’s a pity that I got the habit of reading books on a later period and that was in my early 20s.  I should have learned it during my grade school when reading was a mandatory stuff to pass the grades and be effective during recitation.  But for me, school work was never an inspiring incentive to read.  It was more on socialization, more on interaction, more on gregariousness, more on extra curricular activities, on playing, on competing, on cooperating, everything from group living to communal sharing.  That was what school for me, which was what the school taught me, that was what school work was all about.  If at all there were some required readings, it was more obligatory and anything that spells compulsory was unpalatable for me.  Hence, I even dodged anything that would make me read during that time.  Luckily, I made it in the graduation without serious reading.

Elementary, Secondary and College years were all spent in socials and everything about conviviality.  School exposure gave me high marks in my emotional quotient or EQ.  I never knew however if my IQ progressed but definitely, academic life was central in my transformation as a street smart person.  But for me, it was not worth crowing.  There was something that I lacked even if by being smart was almost an outstanding accomplishment.  When I graduated in college and sought employment and thereupon failing to get one, I realized that I had a deficiency. I lacked confidence.

I took another route, another take in learning by enrolling in the graduate school.  It was in my estimation like re-frying a semi-cook fried chicken.  And it paid off.  Not that I got employed immediately (because I was not) but it afforded me an exposure that would make me a voracious reader later.  The library of UP Diliman, reputed to be the biggest in the country, was so awesome that I almost spent my waking period inside its halls jumping from one row of books to another.  Since, I was a Novato in reading, I was fixed on appreciating pictures, then checking on its texts and finally browsing.  I would average a book for a week, until later it becomes two, three and eventually a book a day.  That to me was the most exciting immersion in the field of learning.

Inside the library, I was in good company.  And appreciating the entire building with thousands of reading materials, I thought that browsing only a fraction could endow a person the knowledge which could defeat all challenges in the world.  For a year, there I was a denizen of the biggest library and partaking of everything interesting that which I have read can offer.

Years later, after I have gained employment and have founded my own dwelling a great portion would be committed to my own personal library.  There I would stack several books after another.  Half of my salary would likewise be devoted to procuring reading materials from magazines to hard bound books. There was even a time when I would apply for loans just to buy the books I wanted to own; until every inch of the space, on the ground up to the ceiling, in my own library would be utilized.  I have stocked a lot of books and even bought copies that I intend to read soon.   The air, the smell of my library was like that of a book store already and I loved it.

An enjoyable period of reading a good book is like accomplishing a feat already.  It inspires, motivates and makes one enthusiastic.  It calms a person and adds up to his maturity.  I even have an eerie feeling that reading a book adds years to a person’s life.  More so, it transforms the mind to be analytical and sharp, patient and understanding, liberal and tolerant.

As I procure more books, I realized as I tread near the twilight years, that there is just so many books and so little time.




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