senior citizen

One may not look the age. (Asians are better in this department than their European counterparts.  Asians, as they age look youthful and projects a gorgeous aura; while Europeans, of the same age, would have problems on wrinkles and looking more older than their biological age.)  There are those whose genes are favourably arranged to the point that a sixty-something person, not only from a distance but even up close, would look like deceivingly in his 40s only.    Well, in my case, because of my lighter physical build, in the 30s only.  But, be that as it may, there are instances, as a matter of fact, physical ones, which indicate real age condition.  There is the sudden change of hair colouring from gray to white.  This can be remedied however by dye.  There is the sprouting of wrinkles around the eye.  This can be treated with skin treatment or plain rubbing of egg yolk.  Endurance, even in matters that concern focus, is affected by age; even his emotions.  Those previously predisposed with patience are at times given to rage and they blame it on blood pressure.

There is also tell-tale signs that age have arrived.  It is natural course, a normal part of nature and every living thing must have to undergo it.  It could for a time elude physical revelation but the inner workings of the body cannot escape Father Time.  It will always be a part and the instinctive custom will be there.

Let us consider routine.  The senior citizen is bound customarily to cheat time by waking up early notwithstanding the late hours he spent the night before.  He desires more salty food and at times would salivate for sweet snacks.  His muscles emaciate, his tummy bulges, his legs become soggy, his knees tweak at times,  the contours of his face despite lotions would sag.  His eyesight dims and his perception, while keen would turn towards sensitivity.

While his mind operates on a secular basis, his habit becomes religious.  While he was predisposed to daring and bold moves, he becomes cautious and inclined to be wary.  His patience is no longer based on wisdom but more on the realization of his weaknesses.  He contemplates a lot, not as a matter of wisdom but more as a practical tool in understanding his environment.

The senior citizen knows that his physical condition is vulnerable to everything his environment would dictate.  He is sensitive to climate change.  He is sensitive to intrigues.  He is sensitive to a fault.  He blames others but deep inside, he blames himself.  He expects a lot but patient enough to forget whatever expectations he may harbour.  He contemplates not because of his nature to philosophize but because he no longer has the strength to hold on certain matters.  He no longer depends on his physicality but would rather rely on physics.

He is contented to a large extent.  He may no longer endure a full court game of basketball but he can outlast anyone viewing the sports on TV!

He knows fairly well and would rather realize that ageing is a disease.  He is wont to contract it unless his youth is given to abuse.  He believes that he can outlive anyone but would rather surrender his fate to nature.  He knows that only accident can suddenly stop his descent to immortality and that life has its own end.  Hence, he is cautious in everything he does.  The youth calls this elder attribute as astuteness.

As man slowly gains his foothold in the so called twilight of his years, mind becomes engrossed with the excitement of his past and the prospects of the future.  But he lives on a daily basis and that what makes the senior citizen a genuine denizen of the world.



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