And why not?  People flock the town plaza not to hear politicians but to ogle at the invited guest entertainers.  The problem with our political class is that it has no more class at all.   People would rather subscribe to whatever the entertainer would endorse.  People believe the endorsement more than the promise of the one seeking public office.  These thespians are more credible and believable even if their only credential was a role or two in a popular film. Products are known and bought if an entertainer tells the public to buy it through commercials.   If they are stereotyped in a fantasy flick, chances are they are seen as superhuman and therefore fit not only to slay villains but to advise people.  After all, they are known to have saved a planet in the course of their theatrical advocacy.

These entertainers know their limitations.  Only a few of them are schooled. It is their good looks and charm that is considered their prime possession. Only a few of them however could utter words of concern without scripts.  But there was a time in the political history of this country when even the most schooled politician, the most educated and the most brilliant would go down the drain, enter low life, get involve in shenanigans, participate in corruption, violate laws, display arrogance and exude an air of superiority.  Statesmanship has seen better days and the people had enough.  These elected personalities never improved their lot at all; their quality of life was even diminished.  Entertainers are better options.

In the electoral exercises during the early 2000s, there were virtually a surge of application from entertainers entering a new field in public exposure.  The shift could only be appreciated by a desperate population; the shift from public entertainment to social governance.  The people will be amused and governed with honesty.  Not bad.

There are no persons credible enough that could rectify the social condition of the people, and they had no other alternative but to brace themselves towards the incredible.  They would elect entertainers one after another.  It is for the people sheer stupidity but whadaheck, if it could soften the blow of desperation then it is better to grab the knife by the blade so to speak.  When entertainers speak, people may not be able to increase their intelligence but definitely they would be entertained.  And it is enough exposure for them to forget their predicament.

For the masses, amusement is their only refuge to a terrible condition.  And only entertainers can deliver the goods.  For them, the personal appearance of their elected matinee idol is sufficient to drive away extreme anxiety.

But what makes the entertainers poor managers is when they try to ape, if not replicate and follow how the politicians operate.  When these theatre denizens become politicians, they become ineffective, clone to incompetent roles and absorbed in the illicit machinations of corrupt practices.  They are no longer true to their commitment and they evolve into the usual hated symbols of former administration.

What we have right now, unfortunately, is a persona of a protagonist but whose swagger is that of a villain.  It is like watching Batman switching role with the Joker.

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