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The problem with receiving a conviction from the courts and serving the period prescribed, as penalty is that the crime has stuck and has become a stereotype on the person. Never mind if in the course of serving time the offender has suffered and paid his dues to society, the impression is that the crime has left an indelible mark on the person already, which no amount of servitude and payment could ever remove. Never mind if there is such an administrative cleansing called expungement from personal and official record for those granted full executive pardon. Just the same government under whose policy it reflects from the national leadership would reckon personal nay, subjective bias.


If at all conviction and imprisonment are qualities, which must not appear on such titles as National Artist, we might as well tear down the monuments of heroes, and close the Church as well. One of the finest poets we have Amado V. Hernandez, a National Artist for Literature was also convicted and imprisoned. Rizal, Bonifacio, etc and that of Jesus have a common denominator: they were all convicted and imprisoned. Worst for Dr. Rizal and Lord Jesus, they were even sentenced to die. But why require children to adulate Rizal and worship Jesus? Why observe their birthdate and suffer the consequence of holidays during those dates? It is incomprehensible.


This is not a defense for Nora Aunor. I have never seen her films. I have never even been a fan to Filipino entertainment medium. But if her peers in the Artist Academy swore that Aunor is a National Artist material then there must be a ring of truth to it. But it was ruled that Aunor as convict and has done time for it, does not deserve because of the stain in her name.


President PNoy Aquino may still be hurting once the wound of his father’s imprisonment and alleged criminal conviction is flashed forward. His father, former Senator Benigno Aquino Jr., a latter day hero, whose picture appear on every P500 bill, has been charged and convicted too. Although he was pleading innocent of charges, he was convicted for murder, arson etc. And yet we have his monument sprouting in every corner, like that of Rizal, a convicted rebel.


I commiserate and also believe that those convicted and imprisoned should never see the light of understanding. They should suffer the ignominy of oblivion, never to be idolized and remembered. They should remain as outcast even if they have paid their dues to society, even if society would realize their heroic stature. The fact that they were convicted and penalized, the national leadership is correct, they should never be recognized at all.


Let us even up the ante. Socrates was convicted and sentenced to die by drinking poison. Let us do away with schools too because it was Socratic tradition that founded schools of learning. Let us remember that Socrates was charged of corrupting the minds of minor. We do not want our children influenced by streaks of corruption. Let us close libraries too because most of the authors were also convicted. Literature giant Miguel de Cervantes wrote the classic Don Quixote de la Mancha, a work which has never been surpassed even at present. Let us ban his work from circulation because it was written by a convict who used charcoal to write the piece on the wall of a dungeon where he spent time.   The same is true with the works of geniuses Oscar Wilde who was convicted of homosexuality, or that of Juan Luna, a convicted wife batterer and murderer. Let us not display their works at all.


And why do we have to follow the Law? It was Napoleon Bonaparte, another convict and was sent to serve time in an island, who made it possible. It was Napoleon who codified laws while doing time, the basis for which our Laws are organized. Let us not glorify the laws because a convict once organized it.


Convicts no matter how heroic they are, no matter how talented they have become, no matter how beneficial their contributions are to humanity, should be seen as perpetual criminals and should never be reckoned at all. Let us therefore do away with schools, with Churches and the courts; they remind us that their founders are convicts.


Nora Aunor was denied of National Artist recognition because she was convicted and penalized. That is good. Let us even burn those artistic mementoes she starred with for which our country garnered international appreciation for film arts. Humanity does not deserve convicts.


With my arguments, the national leadership is not alone.


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