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One of the marks of literacy is writing (along with reading, ‘rithmetic, and to include basic computer educ).  It is in writing that makes communication in the sphere of humanity effective not only in reaching a far audience but could transcend generational sequences.  But of course, its predicate, reading and algebra, should be a mandatory foundation if only to make writing profound and meaningful; reading, for purposes of inspiration and style, and algebra for precision and abstract reasoning.

There are several approaches to writing as there are various types of writers.  We have the script writers, poetry writers, song writers, short story writers, novel writers, non fiction writers, documentary writers, graffiti writers, technical writers, anonymous writers so on and so forth.

When ancient man discovered writing, it was more of an artwork done in cave walls.  Several generations later, man improved his communication skills and with it, his resourcefulness in its publication.  There are several ways of publishing.  One is through the printer and the other through digital means.

If done through a printer, a manuscript is submitted for purposes of lay-outing and proof preparation.  An estimate is made by the printer and the cost spelled out.  This is based on the type of paper to be used, the size, the number of pages and number of copies.  If the author agrees to the cost estimate, the manuscript (either prepared through hard copy or through USB file, the latter is preferred by the printer) a down payment, usually half of the cost, is required.  After about a week, the proof is completed and the author checks for possible changes, improvements and suggestions.

The proof is reviewed and checked further by the printer’s proof reader or the author’s personal staff   before it is submitted for final printing.  After an average of two months, the printer calls up the author for the balance payment and release of the book.

Before the publication (or even after the book has been printed), the writer must as a rule, get a form for copyright application.  It can be downloaded from internet.  After it is accomplished, author brings it to a lawyer to be notarized; and thereafter, sent to the National Library (Kalaw St., Manila) for filling.  It is in the adjacent office where ISBN (or International Standard Book Number) is also given.  In submitting for its form, a copy of the manuscript is submitted for each office (copyright and ISBN offices).  The manuscript may be in the form of a published work already or just a working manuscript.  There is a fee in the amount of P150 for the copyright application, none for the ISBN registration.

With this as background procedure and after your work has been properly registered according to the processes required under the intellectual property law, you can flex your brains to draft another book.

Note that it is not only books which can be applied for copyright.  You can record a song which you have written, have it saved on a CD and send it to the copyright office for issuance of a copyright certification. You may also compile your poetry writing, graphics, thoughts, diary even. The copyright certification looks like a diploma, very handsome.  Your intellectual work is therefore protected by law for 20 years.  It cannot be copied, unless with your permission, during a two-decade period reckoning from the time the certification is issued.

So write on and secure a pedestal among authors to perpetuate yourself and be among the immortals!


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  1. Thanks for the info! Is a new work on the offing?


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