“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils.”

—-Timothy 6:10


Over the past few months, we were aghast to discover a number of controversial cases pertaining mind bungling amount of money spent, disbursed and distributed in questionable deals.  Multi billion pesos pass through yearly appropriation in the name of stimulating economic growth but whose growth there is ambiguity.  Yet despite this effort, neither economy nor cultural growth was stimulated at all.  The poor, the great majority, remained deprived as it were and only a few benefited in the process.  Worst, it is the poor, the mass of taxpayers who are blamed for their penury and plight.

The poor must have to grin and bear every difficulty it encounters, after all they do not have the means to get even, do not even have the force to challenge institutions, do not even have the capacity to rule over their fate.  They are there to work hard and pay the correct taxes or perish.  That has been the scenario ever since civilization has been organized.  The only way common man can exact so much is to enslave himself further, exploit his surroundings, deceive his neighbour and outsmart his acquaintance.  If his luck would not run out, he may as yet escape prosecution for violating his neighbourhood.

And as if it is not enough for the poor ordinary citizen to be impoverished, imagining that his taxes may as yet help him through his government, a controversy would explode on his face.  Politicians from top to bottom are all rabidly pulling each other down right after pocketing taxpayers’ money.  And to think that these elected representatives of the people are quarrelling over money that is not even theirs in the first place!  No wonder, they would even wreck havoc on any political challenge they would encounter just so they would be able maintain their very power and corner more largesse courtesy of the people’s industry.  Their tenure is often described as rapacious and outright abusive.  If there are insurgents in our midst, it is merely a desperate response of the people to get even, even if it constitutes only as a prick.

Just the same however, this rebellious expression is oftentimes used as justification to withdraw more tax money to sustain a war directed against those forces which are contrary to their own personal interest.  Money seems to overtake any decent principles, even upend years of scholarship in prestigious schools.  There is currently a case on diversion of public funds to fake NGOs as it passed through the nose of people who graduated from top notch universities and colleges in Yale, Harvard, Georgetown, etc.

History is replete with this consideration.  Judas sold out his friend for 30 pieces of silver.  There is thievery in every civilized corner.  Majority of offenses ,as can be gleaned on the population profile of prisoners, have committed crimes against property. Family members are even at odds when money becomes the center of discussion.  Couples separate ways when they no longer have money to gel their relationship.  No money, no honey.

Try to convince a priest for a special Mass without paying a higher fee and chances are you will be ignored.  Board a taxi by pleading its driver that you have nothing to pay for the ride.  Sleep in a five star hotel and ran afterwards.  Enrol in a good course without forking out for tuition and matriculation.  Or, better, try to enter a hospital emergency room without disbursing its admission cost.  Without money, one is nowhere near salvation.

That explains why there are so many troubles, why there are so many conflicts, why there are a lot of misunderstanding.  If money is there, it is worth competing on how to earn it.  The problem however is that the money is nowhere and it is in somebody’s pocket.  Worst, it is not even his own money!




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